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Unreleased album + help make a new one!

Pledge to get my unreleased album and join me in my journey to make a new one!


of goal

Dear friends!

I’m writing you from late summer in Copenhagen. I’m embarking on a new chapter these days and would like to open a door for all of you to become a closer part of it:
With this PledgeMusic project you can now join me in finalizing the next album – and at the same time, in return, get the unreleased 2010 album ‘When Owls Are Out’.

Your pledge also unlocks special behind-the-scenes footage; studio sessions, keyboard breakdowns, backstage time, music video shoots, making/picking artwork, etc, etc.

I am an independent artist who does it all on my own – and it’s always a bit crazy but wouldn’t be half as much fun, if I didn’t get support from so many of you out there. That is why Pledge Music makes so much sense to me: Let’s join forces!

I’m currently working on recordings for the yet untitled next album and it is truly thrilling! Two amazing musicians Sara Lee (Gang Of Four, B 52’s, etc.) and Joe Magistro (Prophet Omega) are sailing this crazy, lovely boatride with me. We also have some wonderful guests on board: Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone) and Helgi Jonsson (Sigur Ros). It’s all very magic. One more reason to share this ride with you! AAAAALLLL BOARD!


A special gift for all pledgers
Anyone who pledges will automatically get access to a digital download of the unreleased album ‘When Owls Are Out’.
One main reason why I’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic is to help fund pressing this album onto CD and vinyl for you.
The album consists of totally reworked mixes of songs from my album ‘Fall Down’ (only released in Scandinavia) plus an unreleased version of Bug In A Web.
Bonus info: The artwork for the album is featured in Lürzer’s Achive 2011 as one of the best illustrations in the world for cover artwork! So that way with a pledge you’ll also get a little piece of beautiful illustration art by: Naja Conrad-Hansen (

The Pledge
I’ve listed everything from the basic digital download to a full blown house concert! You can even get one of my favorite keyboards right to your doorstep! You won’t be charged until I reach 100% of my target, unless you’re using PayPal, in which case you are charged immediately. If we don’t make the goal in 60 days (BOOOOO!!), you’ll be refunded.

For Pledgers Only
Alongside your copy of ‘When Owls Are Out,’ you’ll get updates and special insight through the ‘Pledgers Only’ page, where I’ll be posting exclusive videos, remixes, mp3’s, photos, and blogs throughout our journey.

Charity makes a difference
My Pledge project supports Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontiers. Once we reach the 100% of the Pledge goal, 10% of every euro raised will be donated. I have chosen to support this specific charity because their independent, impartial work to help people in need resonates deeply with a cause that I would like to support.

Link to the project – the more the merrier!
Word of mouth is amazing! This is primarily how my career has been built so far – let’s expand on it! You can choose to spread the word online if you wish and have updates auto-post to your social networking accounts automatically. Then your friends might want to pledge along with you!

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Medecins Sans Frontieres.


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: When Owls Are Out Download

When Owls Are Out Download

You’ll get the digital download of my unreleased album When Owls Are Out and have access to all of my updates!


185 left

After the Pledge campaign is finished, I will press the album onto CD and ship it to you!

Signed CD

79 left

Once I get CD’s printed up, I will personally sign one for you


99 left

You can pledge to receive an exclusive callmekat poster!


194 left

You can receive a really cool callmekat t-shirt that the designer of my album cover came up with!

CD + back catalog specially wrapped

All gone!

In addition to the album, you’ll get CmK’s back catalog, all wrapped in a special artwork print with a collage handmade by Kat herself.

Special edition vinyl

97 left

I will be pressing a limited edition vinyl of the album.

Your name in thank you video

30 left

Kat will incorporate your name into the artwork of a special thank you video at the end of project.

New tote bag

22 left

the wonderful illustrator and artist who designed my album cover will design a very limited run of callmekat tote bags – perfect for storing vinyl or even a day at the beach!

Signed vinyl LP

92 left

I will write you a personalized message on the vinyl album!

Handwritten lyric sheet

49 left

Tell me your favorite CALLmeKAT song and I’ll handwrite the lyrics for you!

Your name in the credits and signed CD

23 left

If I could thank everyone I would! The first 25 fans to pledge here will have their names listed in a special thank you section along with a signed CD!

signed CD + poster + t-shirt

8 left

Private Skype concert

2 left

We’ll arrange a day and time where (via the magic of Skype!), I’ll perform 3 songs for you. Maybe go in with a couple of friends on this? You can request your favourite CmK song too!

Signed CD + handwritten lyric sheet

9 left

Birthday package

3 left

You’ll receive a birthday greeting (including a handwritten card) plus a custom made version of ‘happy birthday’ played by Kat, recorded and put onto CD (included with the card)

Tote bag

All gone!

the wonderful illustrator and artist who designed my album cover will design a very limited run of callmekat tote bags – perfect for storing vinyl or even a day at the beach!

CALLmeKAT road-survival kit

1 left

Being on the road is tough! Fortunately, you’ll make it through with the road-survival kit that CALLmeKAT has put together. You’ll get a notebook, pen, Kat’s favorite Danish candy, totebag
and a handwritten recipe for the special homemade CmK ginger tea (to unofficially cure all throat problems!).

Personalized video recording of CALLmeKAT song

10 left

I’ll record a unique version of the CALLmeKAT song of your choice and send you the file!

CmK covers a song of your choice and you get it on video!

3 left

Kat will make a cover version of any song you’d like, make a live video recording of it and send it to you. This would be a great gift to anyone you know who has a favorite song you’d like to give them a super special version of!

Superfan bundle!

3 left

2 signed CD’s, two names for the credits, a handwritten lyric sheet, poster, tshirt, and personalized video recording!

Kat's Casio SK-1 keyboard, signed

1 left

One of Kat’s favorite keyboards is the Casio SK-1. With this Pledge you will actually get one of the SK-1 keyboards that have been on the road and on the stage with Kat from the very beginning of her career. It will even be signed for you, including a thank you note on the bottom of the keyboard. It will be in working order (so you can make your own concert or play along with the CALLmeKAT album!) but the keyboard will not be in mint condition as these are old, fragile little keyboards :)

Acoustic house concert (location dependent)

2 left

I and another musician will perform a 5-song acoustic house concert for you!

Could be the perfect gift (bday/wedding/special occasion) or maybe you need someone to play in your shop/gallery/etc for an opening? Or maybe you just want some real-time live music to brighten up a your afternoon or eve?

Before pledging this, PLEASE reach out to to discuss the logistics (such as timing, location, etc.). Note this may take awhile to fulfill.

Concert anywhere in the world with CmK & band

2 left

This is for absolute hardcore fans! CALLmeKAT will bring her keyboards and acclaimed musicians anywhere in the world for the Pledger who chooses this ultra-limited and upscale exclusive. Bring your party, opening, reception, barbecue, etc, etc to a new level! CALLmeKAT will not only bring a full hour of CmK music to your place. She’ll also bring 10 signed copies of cd or vinyl (your choice) for you to give away to your guests.

Before pledging this, PLEASE reach out to to discuss the logistics (such as timing, location, etc.). Note this may take awhile to fulfill.

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