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New Album

Pledge to be a part of the making of our new album. Exclusive access & items!


of goal

Hi friends,

20 years of making music is a long time to look back and reflect upon…so that’s why we’re not going to!

That’s right, it’s ONBOARD AND ONWARD, steaming ahead to new adventures with our first-ever PledgeMusic campaign! If you have made it here, it is safe to say you all rank as one of our true fans, for which we are eternally grateful.
Whether you’ve been with us 20 years or are a brand new fan, this campaign is for you. It is YOU who have come out to the shows, worn our t-shirts, slapped a sticker on your car, spread the word to your friends and families or simply have enjoy listening to our music: YOU are the reason we’ve been a band this long, spending every day pursuing what we love to do.

Through this campaign, we hope to say thank you. By pledging on any one of the exclusives listed to the right, you will be unlocking the doors to the backstage, so-to-speak. Not only will you be getting the new album in advance of its official street release, we will attempt to bring you behind the curtain a little more as we write and record.

Throughout the coming months of this campaign, we will be posting updates where you can hear and see some glimpses of what’s on slate…perhaps some fresh demos or first-looks at new album artwork or some from-the-vault videos. It’s new territory for us, so it will be a work-in-progress as we find new ways to communicate about our process, but hopefully it will become a unique experience for us all and a way of saying THANKS for paying attention to our work.

Another exciting aspect of this campaign, in addition to the updates & exclusives, is that 15% of any money raised beyond our 100% target will be going to Love Hope Strength (, a wonderful non-profit organization we’ve worked with before whose mission is to raise funds and awareness in order to benefit people with cancer and leukemia. Based in Denver, CO, Love Hope Strength carries out sponsored treks and climbs to the world’s highest mountains, often performing musical concerts at the peak. Fun stuff for a worthy cause…

Check out this recent Backpacker Magazine article to get a peek at LHS in action:

We are looking forward to spending the next few months together as we explore new music and make a new record – we hope you are too. Leave us a comment and let’s get this train moving!


Barry, Terry, Carter, Jason and Jon

15% post goal
15% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Love Hope Strength.


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AccessPass: New Album Digital Download

New Album Digital Download

We’re in the studio now making a new album & want to invite you along. Pledge on any one of these exclusives and ensure yourself a download of the album before it’s released + access to the updates we’ll be posting along the way!

New CD


A copy of our new record delivered to your door as soon as they are manufactured.

Signed CD

12 left

We’ll take the newly wrapped-in-shrink-wrap CDs out of their shrink wrap just to show you our best sharpie skills and sign a copy of the new CD for you.

Exclusive T-Shirt


We’re printing up limited edition T-shirts for the new record and you can be among the first cool kid on the block to have one.

Vinyl Album


The new album on vinyl.

Limited Edition Poster

109 left

Printed on High Quality Stock and Printed in a Limited Print Run just for you.

Signed Vinyl

92 left

Signed CD + Exclusive T-Shirt

All gone!

The new album on CD signed and the new tee.

Signed CD + Limited Edition Poster

9 left

Signed CD + T-Shirt + Poster

All gone!

Signed Vinyl + Poster + T-shirt

32 left

Signed "Scored-Out" Song

5 left

Get a signed copy of one of Barry’s song scoring notes for a song on the new album.

“Thank You” Credit + Signed CD

All gone!

Get a “Thank You” in the liner notes of the new album. PLUS a signed CD.

Signed & Framed Handwritten Lyrics

All gone!

Get a framed, band-signed copy of one songs lyrics from the new album.

VIP Show for 2 with "Meet & Greet" Party

15 left

You & a guest will get yourself to the gig and we will make sure you can get in without buying a ticket and you can hang out with the band before the show for a “Meet & Greet” party.

Jon’s podcast Interview & Dedication

2 left

Be the Guest of one of Jon’s podcasts where he will interview you and the episode will be dedicated to you.

Lessons at Soundcheck

4 left

You get yourself to the gig and select which Carbon Leaf band member you want to have a 30 minute lesson with.

Engineer’s Assistant in Studio for a Day

All gone!

You & 1 guest can come to our studio in VA and we can have you help us engineer a session with us.

Signed / Lyrics Guitar

All gone!

A nice guitar that is not only covered in lyrics from the new album but also has the band’s signatures

2 -Year Gig Passes for 2013/2104 Tour Dates

18 left

You get yourself to the gigs and we will make sure you and one friend can get in without buying tickets.

Cover Song

9 left

Band will record a cover of your choice in-studio with video and we will send the song to you & dedicate it to you.

Album Executive Producers Inner Circle

7 left

Be one of our Executive Producers and you will get an early listen to the mastered album, give your feedback on the music and get your name in the credits of the album as one of the producers.

Barry & Terry Acoustic House Show & BBQ/Dinner/Cookout Party

All gone!

Barry & Terry will come to your house and play an intimate House Show for you and your friends. We will even offer our mad grilling skills to help prepare food for your guests.

Full Band Acoustic House Show & BBQ/Dinner/Cookout Party

4 left

The band will come to your house and play an intimate House Show for you and your friends. We will even offer our mad grilling skills to help prepare food for your guests.

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