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Against The Current

Make a pledge & help me complete my Book of Art! Along the way, get 1st access to my 'Against The Current' music series.



Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to my mission. A mission I call going Against The Current. As a music artist, you might already know that I’ve committed to releasing a series of EPs over the course of the next several months. What you might not have known is that throughout my career I’ve also been developing my skills as a visual artist. I’m putting together a coffee table book that will reveal the evolution of my craft. Starting with my days as a teenage graf writing vandal all the way to the present, with my oil paint work on canvas.

I needed a home-base for this project, and PledgeMusic gives me the platform to directly communicate with you while my plan rolls out. It allows me to release to you exclusive and private videos, early access to my Against The Current (EP) series, behind the scenes photos, and much more as a reward for pledging…. Effectively, pre-ordering my art book and the limited edition items and experiences that I have paired with the new music. Plus, the second you order, you can listen to and download the first EP is the series through the ‘Updates’ tab to the left.

On tracks and on stage I’ve collaborated with so many amazing artists over the past couple of decades that I need to make a list. Hopefully you were there along the way and we share some of the same great memories. But with this particular project I want to collaborate with my most loyal fans: YOU. Y’all can take ownership in this with me by making a pledge and by linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share the Against The Current project updates and milestones. By pre-ordering the hard copy, I’m going to sign and personalize your limited edition book, and add you to the list of amazing people I’ve worked with!

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AccessPass: Little Tunny Contributor

Little Tunny Contributor

“Against The Current” Ep.1 Digital Download + access to exclusive, pledger-only videos, mp3s, photos and more.

Digital Book + 5 Digital EPs


PDF version of the book + digital audio files to all 5 EPs in the ‘Against the Current’ series.

Physical Art Book By Chali 2na + 5 Digital EPs


All 5 EPs + Physical version of the Book (signed, numbered, and delivered)
+ PDF version of the book

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