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PledgeMusic Shut Down Update


I want to take the opportunity to give you an update on the PledgeMusic campaign. I always want to be transparent with my fans, especially when it comes to supporting my music, which is why it pains me to have to deliver the following update.

Thanks to your generosity, I was able to fully fund my new album, “NOISE.” I successfully used PledgeMusic for my previous campaign without any problems and was happy to use their indie platform to raise funds for the new album.

PledgeMusic has found itself in a financial situation and has halted distribution of the funds they collected from the fans who supported artists using thier platform. To be very clear: PledgeMusic has not distributed any money to me or anyone on my team that they have collected from you. Right now, the many artists who used PledgeMusic to raise funds for their projects are, like the fans who supported us, in limbo regarding the distribution of funds.

I will continue to advocate for you in my ongoing discussions with PledgeMusic to seek a resolution to this situation. In the meantime, everyone who donated to the campaign to fund “NOISE” will receive their digital copy of the album on release day. Even though I’m not being compensated, I feel like it’s the least I can do for my fans. In terms of the other pledge items, I will need to kindly ask for your patience as I work through this with PledgeMusic.

If you would like to contact PledgeMusic directly, the best way to contact them is via this link:

I’m so disappointed and upset by Pledge Music’s behavior and hate to let you down.

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