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Reckless Ones

Join me in making this new EP- gain exclusive behind the scenes access. A portion of profits benefit SafetyNet!


of goal

I love singing and creating music more than anything. I’ve always been an independent musician. Original art, real music, can be made without the chains of the record companies now…and it’s up to us.

I’ve created this Pledge campaign to invite you to make the new EP with me. It will be something very special, and to the believers out there who feel as strongly about this as I do, I say to you: Revolution! Let’s make this music, born out of purity, truth, and soul.

I will honor my commitment to you, devoted Pledgers, with exclusive video, mp3, photo, and blog updates on the creation of this yet-to-be-named new work. You will see how it all happens, from the writing, to recording, mixing, and wrap up, right up until it’s delivered to your front door. You’ll get unique glimpses from the studio, from home, and from the touring I’ll be doing all over the world this year. Let me bring you in on the crazy, musical journey that is my life For pledgers’ eyes and ears ONLY!

10% of post-goal funds will go directly to SafetyNet. A chapter has been started by my very awesome dad, a police officer in my hometown in Massachusetts. He is as passionate about his work as I am about mine, and his work is saving lives, by ensuring that no child or elderly person is ever lost and making this tracking bracelet free to those who need it.

What I want to do more than anything with this new recording is to reach people. Music is what connects us all, regardless of race, religion, status, orientation. I want to partner with you to make something that we not only hear, but truly feel.

If this works, you will have launched a brand new creation into the universe, and YOU will forever be the steel string that links the music we send out into the world to the love that is in my heart.

Come on, family. Let’s do this. Let’s prove to the world what we can do.

All my love! Chrissi xxoo

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to SafetyNet Marshfield MA [Cause].


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  • Access to this artist's updates
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AccessPass: Reckless Ones

Reckless Ones

5 new songs and access to all updates! You get the download before it is available anywhere else!

My New Album!


The new CD delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured.

My New Album... Signed!


CD signed and delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured!

Lyric T-Shirts

87 left

A T-shirt or take with a lyric from one of the new songs printed on it. Limited editions, designed by me, stylish and cool! Promise.

T-shirt and Download

97 left

An original Chrissi Poland lyric t-shirt of your choice, along with a free download of an exclusive track.

10 Questions

22 left

I’ll answer 10 questions you’ve got via e-mail, whether it be about life on the road, the voice, my crazy adventures living in NYC, or anything else you might come up with. Just keep it clean, people.

New CD + My Previous EP, Signed

37 left

You’ll get the new EP as well as my previous EP, Songs From The Concrete, both signed, and delivered to your mailbox!

Your name in the credits, Signed CD

37 left

Your name in CD credits, because it couldn’t have happened without you! PLUS a signed copy of the album.

Handwritten Lyrics Of The Songs

7 left

You’ll get original, handwritten lyrics of the songs that will be recorded for this EP, along with a signed copy of the recording.

Your Voicemail, My Voice

9 left

When people call your voice mail, they’ll get me, singing them anything you’d like It will be fun for us, and confusing for them.

Teacher Time

All gone!

In person or Skype lesson (location dependent) to work on singing, breathing, performance, and how to access the most from your superstar within. One hour lesson.

A Recorded Cover Of Your Choice

3 left

Is there a song that you love that you’d like me to record for you? You got it. I’ll make a unique, one-of-a-kind recording just for you, any genre, and put it on a disc for you, with a handwritten note. Polka included.

Summer Picnic for Two!

10 left

Summer is the perfect time to head out to a park, lake, beach or even just your own backyard with a friend or loved one and a picnic basket of my homemade treats. Bonus: You’ll get a signed copy of my new EP to listen to while dining and relaxing.

Sing Backgrounds On Your Song

5 left

I’ll put background vocals on two track of yours.

An Exclusive Copy Of My Children's Book, Unreleased

8 left

“Isabella And The Greatest Tree Fort Ever Built” is a children’s book I’ve written, and you can have it before it’s published! You’ll receive your own exclusive copy illustrated, bound, and signed.

Sing Lead and BV's On Your Track

4 left

Got a song that you want a lead on? I’ll record the lead vocal plus backups. Whether for your own album, shopping a song, or for your personal collection, I’ll sing my heart out for you.

A Signed Acoustic Guitar

All gone!

My Tanglewood guitar, signed, that I bought on tour with Scissor Sisters in Scotland, and wrote many of the new songs on!

Sing At Your Wedding Ceremony

2 left

Let me come and sing for you while you tie the knot! Two songs of your choice, anywhere in the Northeast (6-9 months notice). Further locations are possible, let’s chat!

Scissor Sisters Tickets

2 left

I’m so blessed to sing with this incredible band, and they’ve given me two tickets for YOU, to a show of your choice! See the show, meet the band, be a Scissor for a night!

The Brill Building

3 left

Let me write an original song for you, like they used to in that famed NYC songwriting house. Give me the vibe, mood, your thoughts…I’ll give you a song. Recorded with a handwritten note for you, plus some exclusive merch.

Private House Concert

1 left

I’ll bring the show to you! A private house concert anywhere in New England or the Tri-State area. Invite your friends & family, listen live, copy of the EP included! Requests honored, obviously.

The Guardian

3 left

Your name as executive producer on the new recording, personal liner notes thank you, a care package of CP goodies, VIP access to live shows forever & an exclusive mini-documentary on the making of the EP that YOU brought to life!

A Documentary Of A Loved One, Made By ME!

2 left

Your raw footage, home movies, and photos, edited artistically into a 15 minute documentary and set to music! Perfect to capture the beauty of a loved one. I make these for my nephews each year!

The Halo

3 left

For this pledge, you will make yourself a patron and a sponsor, and for that I am eternally grateful. This will make an enormous differnece in the making of the new record, and allow even more to happen in the creative process, as you will see! You will be listed as Premier Executive Producer in the credits, as well as choose any combination of 5 additional incentives out of the first 10 listed, and forever have VIP access to live shows. Eternal gratitude. xo

Play Your Wedding Reception

3 left

The band of your DREAMS plays your reception! 4 hours of your favorite songs while you party! Includes cocktail hour. You’ll only have to cover travel and accomodations, if needed! (6-9 months notice)

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