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Rock n' Roll Music

Chuck Berry's biggest hits on a superb remastered 180 gram vinyl.




All of Chuck Berry’s early hits, from Johnny B. Goode to Roll Over Beethoven and Sweet Sixteen, available on a high quality remastered 180 gram black vinyl.


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Rock n' Roll Music

Rock n' Roll Music
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This vinyl album collects all of Chuck Berry’s early hits on a 180 gram vinyl. Includes a free bonus CD with the identical tracklisting.

Side A – Rock
1. Johnny B. Goode
2. Roll Over Beethoven
3. School Days (Ring ring goes the bell)
4. Rock & Roll Music
5. Maybellene
6. Carol
7. Sweet Little Sixteen
8. Memphis, Tennessee

Side B – Blues
1. Wee Wee Hours
2. How You’ve Changed
3. Driftin’ Blues
4. Sweet Sixteen
5. (Get your kicks on) Route 66
6. Blue Feeling
7. Deep Feeling
8. Merry Christmas Baby

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