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Get your own signed copy of Colin's new MHS album before the official release, and gain access to other exclusives now!

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Dear All,

I’m ready to record my new (6th) album and the songs are feeling good! I want to try something different with this one. I’m excited to be working with a new manager and we’ve teamed up with the good people at PledgeMusic to begin the album process and to offer you the chance to be directly involved in the project. You can now order (pledge on) your own pre-release copy of the finished album right here: have a look at the list on the right-hand side to buy it, as well as many other exclusive offers, which include Mull Historical Society items.

When you pledge on something then you gain access into my pledger’s-only world (nothing too frightening) to receive album updates and experience the album developing from conception to creation – the bit where all the good stuff is. Basically, when you pledge you are investing in the album. When it reaches 100% then it’s all go!

After the more stripped-back ‘Island’ album, this is my follow-up to 2008’s ‘The Water’. Some of the songs are breezy pop, some are widescreen things, and some are more minimalist, punchy nuggets. (You can tell I prefer making music than describing it). The theme is the city and cities – leaving them, arriving in them, burning them, living in them, and what it’s like for a child to see one of them for the first time. Anyone who Pledges – or who pledges for someone else as a gift – will get a copy of the album download, no matter what you pledge on.

Lastly, PledgeMusic has a built-in charitable function: recently I helped organise a concert in Glasgow for the charity Mary’s Meals, who currently feed 420,000 children around the world. I visited Mary’s Meals’ project in Malawi in October Malawi Photoblog. A portion of the profits from your pledges will go to providing these children with Mary’s Meals.

Colin (The child) (Mull Historical Society)

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10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Mary's Meals.


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AccessPass: New album 'City Awakenings'

New album 'City Awakenings'

Album CD

446 left

Your copy of the album on CD.

Album CD, signed

55 left

Your copy of the album on CD, signed to you by Colin.

Album poster

46 left

Not yet available anywhere else, official poster for the new album. Signed to you by Colin.

Postcards from the road

Postcards from the road
All gone!

Colin will send you a postcard from every stop on the next UK tour, giving you a day by day on life on the road.

Album t shirt

191 left

Brand new album design t shirt. Artwork to follow, stay tuned!

Hardback career lyric book

6 left

All Colin and MHS album, single and b side lyrics collected together for the first time in a lovely hardback book, signed to you.

Album Preview show: watch soundcheck & meet Colin

All gone!

If you’re coming to either of the 2 forthcoming album preview shows in London or Glasgow pledge here to upgrade your ticket (or just pledge here in the case of London) to come in early, watch soundcheck and meet up with Colin.

For all show details check Colin’s new Facebook page at

Soundcheck times are 16.00 in London and 18.00 in Glasgow.

Signed MHS vinyl

All gone!

We have some of the last copies of the first 2 Mull albums – Us and Loss – which Colin will sign to you.

Mini Tote bag bundle

Mini Tote bag bundle

Tote bag + Album CD + Album poster + Classic design t shirt.

Classic t shirt could be any of the following:

Album launch event

94 left

A special launch event for the album, not open to the general public. Colin will play a couple of tunes from the album, host a brief Q&A and we’ll play back the full album for you. One not to miss!

This will happen in the new year, once in London and once in Glasgow. We’re just sorting venues and dates so pledge now and watch this space for confirmation.

EDIT: London date is now announced and this will happen on 8 December.

EDIT: Glasgow is also now announced and will happen on 28 January.

Limited Edition homemade book of Colin's stories

Limited Edition homemade book of Colin's stories
All gone!

You may already know that Colin is actively writing in between everything else… this is a homemade book with illustrations containing a selection of short stories which he’ll sign for you, and it’s available here before anywhere else.

Maxi Tote bag bundle

Maxi Tote bag bundle
281 left

Tote bag + Album CD, signed + Album t shirt + Classic design t shirt + Hardback career lyric book.

Classic t shirt could be any of the foloowing:

Handwritten, signed studio diary incl. photos

Handwritten, signed studio diary incl. photos
3 left

Colin will be keeping a handwritten studio diary throughout recording on the album, and taking photos for it. Both can be yours at the end of the process by pledging here.

A page from Colin’s diary for ‘The Water’:

There will only ever be one of these.

Archive goodie! Dog In A Wig drum skin

Archive goodie! Dog In A Wig drum skin
All gone!

Another one from the archives – exchanging a piece of the past for the future. The Dog In A Wig bass drum skin as featured on countless tours and as shown on the ‘Us’ CD artwork…

Tour bundle

Tour bundle
94 left

Album launch event + Album t shirt + Classic design t shirt + Postcards from the road.

Classic t shirt could be any of the following:

Album bundle

94 left

Album CD, signed w/your name in the credits + Album t shirt + Hardback career lyric book + Album launch event

Skype songwriting chat

4 left

Sit down with Colin over Skype and ask for his input with your songs. Work through your ideas.

Be in Colin's next video

All gone!

Fancy a walk on part in Colin’s next video? Pledge here – not only will you have been part of the record coming together, you’ll see which track he chooses for singles and releases and you’ll get a part in the video!

Very special album launch event at Colin's mum's hotel

Very special album launch event at Colin's mum's hotel
5 left

There are a limited number of special places available to come stay the night, have dinner and hear the album played back at Colin’s mums hotel with Colin – The Harviestoun Country Hotel, Tillicoultry in Clackmannanshire (close to the Wallace Monument, 9 miles from Stirling and essentially staggering distance from the T In The Park site). Colin will more than likely strum a few tunes acoustically as well. Date tbc.

There will be 6 double rooms available, so any combination of couples or individuals will work to that parameter, but a maximum of 2 people per room. To be clear – 1 pledge per room, 6 total available.

We’re sorry but transport costs can’t be included in this item.

The date for this event is tbc – we’ll advise as soon as we have it locked in.

Visit for more info.

Colin's own classical gut string guitar

Colin's own classical gut string guitar
All gone!

Colin’s very own gut-string acoustic, as used on all the Mull albums, signed to you.

Signed guitar as used on the album

1 left

Colin will sign one of the acoustics he uses on the record to you! Model detail & image to follow.

Signed Epiphone Electric Guitar

All gone!

Colin’s own Epiphone, as used on all Mull albums plus The Water and also toured worldwide – including at T In The Park (see below). This is a one-off and has been a very genuine part of Colin’s career to date. He’ll also sign it to you.

Private acoustic show

5 left

Colin will be looking to play a handful of intimate acoustic shows in your front room or student hall at the time of the album release. At this point we have to limit it to the London and Glasgow areas, but if you live outside of either of these cities and would like us to try and work in a visit to you in the schedule let us know on the comments tab!

Please do not pledge here if you’re a professional promoter. These will be private sets and not for onward sale as commercial shows.

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