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Nigel Beckford

Nigel Beckford commented

Impressing the punters here in NZ ... great sounds


marco commented

re-hey! i have to give a double groovy thumb up to the new album.

cheers, all the best


Sarah commented

Have received my cd and it is lovely, and thank you so much for signing it!


marco commented

hey! from italy. the new album and the 'born disco died heavy-metal' t-shirt have arrived here today, and i'm so looking forward to hearing and wearing them very soon.



JohnaNewton commented

so now you have your over 100% what stopping you NOW ! :)

michael moster

michael moster commented

jo-jo takes the morning tube!

Alan Holbourne

Alan Holbourne commented

the new cornershop album should be available in every cornershop in the uk - nuf said

Richard Gray

Richard Gray commented

I don't mean to be rude, but I imagine it's a question others have thought but were too polite to ask. Now you're over 100%, is anything extra pocket money? That said, I think I'll have one of those Judy double albums.

Rishi Dhir

Rishi Dhir commented

Hey Richard,
I believe that this is a pre-order campaign. So, all the funds they receive are pre-orders for the new album. So, if people also want to buy additional they can pledge hire. Making music don't come cheap....