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Michela Cantelli

Michela Cantelli commented

ragazzi qualcuno mi può spiegare bene come fare per avere il rimborso? grazie.

Angela Iuzzolino

Angela Iuzzolino commented

ciao tu sei riuscita a risolvere? Io non so come fare...

Hannah-Lena Graw

Hannah-Lena Graw commented

You guys have been saying there would be more information about our orders and our mones for days and weeks. I realy want to know what‘s going on since the Mail said some orders would already have been send.
Best (impatient) Wishes

Latricia Herring

Latricia Herring commented

I tried following the instructions in the email to request a refund, but there's no option for that anywhere. And I also read in their FAQs that refunds only go back to original card used for payment which may be a problem for me since the card I used expired just a few months after I made my purchase. So would it even go back to my updated card?

Artist response

Will commented

Hi Latricia, we are working on updating everyone with some new info that will hopefully be more help. So sorry for all of these problems.

Kyra Rutzen

Kyra Rutzen commented

Hey, Unfortunately, my Emails are not replied to. Since the Band no longer works with PledgeMusic: I want to get my Money repaid.

Artist response

Will commented

We want you to get your money too. This is a horrible situation. We are working on updating everyone with some new info that will hopefully be more help.

Stephanie Mason

Stephanie Mason commented

There is an email for the band stating that they are leave PledgeMusic. IF true please confirm and refund money to orders.

Artist response

Will commented

Hi Stephanie. Unfortunately it is true. We recommend you follow the instructions in the email as soon as possible. If you have further questions we also recommend using the email address:

E Jean Hurley

E Jean Hurley commented

What is the process for production of the album? I know that the band has been working and apparently are presently recording in LA, but what's after that? Despite how this was introduced, I don't see how fans have been part of the journey through Pledge! Three updates since last April and nothing that has not been right out there on Instagram??? Comments unanswered since August! Sorry, Darlings, I don't blame COUNTERFEIT., but maybe you need to get this PledgeMusic thing on the ball. These comments are beginning to reflect disappointment - not a good thing!

Julia Galvao

Julia Galvao commented

My sweater came in the mail yesterday, and I love it, but the access pass wasn't with it. Will it be coming at a later date?

Diane M. Tobias

Diane M. Tobias commented

The access pass is digital and gives you the chance to follow Counterfeit. as they post updates here on pledge. Hope that helps :)

Stella Leoncini

Stella Leoncini commented

When will the date of the Pre-Release Album Listening Party be released? Or anyway is it gonna be before February 15th? Thanks! :)

Marit van den Berg

Marit van den Berg commented

Will all the already ordered stuff be delivered in time for christmas?

Julia Galvao

Julia Galvao commented

How will the access passes work?