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Chris Barker

Chris Barker commented

Why don't you just use Bandcamp? It's a proven an well run service.

Frederick Brennan

Frederick Brennan commented

Hello David and/or Management-

Given the current predicament that PledgeMusic finds itself in, I am wondering if you have a Plan B should things really go South. I, for one, would love to continue supporting your project if the worst should happen with the platform, or your funding goal is not achieved. How can I (and others) help you during Take Two? If it comes to that?

Kindest Regards- Fred
Suburban Chicago

Kevin Hüther

Kevin Hüther commented


I just wanted to ask if you can guess how high the shipping costs will be for the accordion to be shipped to Germany?
I just want to prevent an additional payment of several hundred euros.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Kevin Hüther

RJ Yedema

RJ Yedema commented

What about an official CD-version of "Dance Of The Age Of Enlightenment"? I'm sure such an item in the Pledge-store will push up the amount of pledgers :-)

RJ Yedema

RJ Yedema commented

Dear David,

Will your wonderful guitar-playing also be featured on the new album? Loved what you did on Just As I Thought (to name one of your classic recordings).

Jochen Siess

Jochen Siess commented

Accordion used by David on many tours with Peter Gabriel?!
At which concerts was the accordion used?
If these exist, does corresponding footage exist?
I bought the part for sale ....

RJ Yedema

RJ Yedema commented

It would be cool if a CD-version of "The Bridge" was one of the items to pledge :-)