Yay! Thank you!

Thank you for jumping in so fast, first pledgers. I really really appreciate it! I’m going to try to film some of tonite’s show to post if I have enough room on my phone! Please help by spreading the word to people you think might be interested on social media. PS I FUCKING LOVE YOU. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU

AccessPass Update

What would YOU want?

I’m going to add some more rewards – Which ones do you think would be cool – a birthday message sung for you or a friend? A private concert for you and 8 friends with food cooked by me? (this one...
AccessPass Update

Here 2 is HERE

THANK YOU, FRIENDS. it should be all here, full record to download, in hi res flac files or mp3s, as is your choice. I’m packaging up orders this week, so if you ordered physical product (and/or...