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We're finishing off the recording and production/mastering of tracks for you to listen to online!

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Time to get REAL.

Since we started out, we’ve always wanted to be YOUR band, and coming from Chiang Mai, which doesn’t have the biggest music scene for a city, we wanted to be a band that plays for you, that you can follow, get excited about and enjoy seeing play.
We’ve played a lot of shows here and elsewhere, from 3000-person festival crowds to sweaty little bars with just a few hardcore fans – Thanks, Kel! Every time we play we’ve seen and felt the positive response from you guys and ever since we started you’ve told us to record and get music online…. easy, right?

Well, as we soon discovered (Once we got the confidence, time, and money to try) recording and committing our sound to a studio-recorded product is highly labor-intensive, has very high costs, and doesn’t always go how you hope. Riding a wave of positivity and a run of very successful shows earlier this year, we announced the creation of a debut album – we’re still working on it, but the long and short of it is that we all have full-time jobs or find part-time work just to pay rent, travel costs, visas, food and everything else we need to live – Which doesn’t leave us much if anything to put into our recording budget. Right now a full album just isn’t possible.

So…. What do we need? We need your continued support! For a great many of you, we ARE your band and although sometimes I’m good with words, right now I really can’t properly explain to you just how amazing that feels. If you’ve seen us play live, you know we play our hearts out – because it’s the thing we love the most in the world and really the only thing we want to do. We want to share our music with you; have you play it in your car, at home while you do the dishes, share it with your family and friends and get as many of you as possible dancing like crazy just like you have at our shows. And we want to have something we can send to label scouts/promoters and venues to get more shows and reach even wider audiences!

And we are so nearly there. Our goal is to raise the remaining necessary funds with you and PledgeMusic. This way we can finish recording a Demo/E.P and have those tracks mastered to a high standard and essentially you will have made the demo! The tracks will go online for you to listen to, download and share, and any pledges over our initial goal will go towards the creation of the full album.
If you enjoy our music, and pledge to see us succeed, it will mean everything to us to see our music go from the stage out into the big wide world!

Thanks for everything you’ve done to get us where we are already. Thank you even more for where you can take us!

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AccessPass: 'Demo/E.P' Download

'Demo/E.P' Download

Pledging $5 towards finishing our Demo/E.P will mean that you get a free download so that you can hear for yourself what you helped to create!

And we’ll publish a video/social-media post thanking you all for your support!

'Demo/E.P' Signed CD

'Demo/E.P' Signed CD

Pledging $25 will get you the Demo/E.P that you helped create…. on CD! (People still use those?)
- Makes a great coffee cup coaster or surface for dr…awing on – That’s why it’s signed by all of us to say thank you!

Includes Demo/E.P download.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

Handwritten Lyric Sheet
15 left

Ok mega-fans!
Here’s your opportunity to own a true one-of-a-kind piece of art: a handwritten lyric sheet from your favourite Dead As Disco song. Written by Ray Gunn Matthews (Of RaygunCat Comics), each lyric sheet is the ultimate keepsake so that you can hang it up and begin cherishing it just as soon as you memorize the lyrics.

Not even Franck (The Drummer) has this – Despite asking numerous times!

Includes the Demo/E.P Signed CD and download.

Acoustic House Concert

1 left

If you reaaaaally want to help us out by pledging the ENTIRE amount we need to finish the Demo/E.P we’ll come straight to you, set up in your house/apartment/garden and play an acoustic, or (Equipment permitting) full-power set of all our songs, not just the tracks on the Demo/E.P!

We have to limit this to just 2 performances of this kind and your house would need to be in Thailand – unless you can also help with travel/visa expenses??

Of course this also comes with hand-written lyric sheets, the signed CD, download, and our souls.

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