2019 & Your Merchandise!

Wow! 2018! What an amazing year and I couldn’t have done it without you!

This year we….

• Released Debut Album ‘Dear God’ on Vinyl, CD, Tylz, Spotify, Apple Music & 95+ Platforms

• Charted on Billboard, twice!

• 5 International Tours in North America, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia & South America*

• Performed ‘Sensitive’ on Relix Live

• Released ‘Love Is Like a Bird’ Music Video with over 100K Views

• Funded at 107% on PledgeMusic (still going)

• NoiseTrade Feature to over 1M

• 270+ Orders of Vinyl, CD’s, Tylz, Bowler Hats, T-Shirts, Posters….

As you can see from the photo, your merch is ready! I apologize about the wait but thank god and thanks to you I had a few tours to perform! You should be receiving your purchase in the next month or two depending on shipping.

Did you change your shipping address? Please be sure to update your address here on pledge music and get in touch with me.

The merch is ready so feel free to listen @ http://musicym.com and be sure to follow, subscribe and like me on all the streaming and social media sites!

Here’s to more exciting times ahead and blessings for everyone!



*The Amsterdam Celebration Release Trip hasn’t happened yet so if you still wanna get on board do get in touch.

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