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Adrian Delainer

Adrian Delainer commented

Is December already and I still have not received my copy of the CD in Amazon is already available what happened?

Pavlina Marechkova

Pavlina Marechkova commented

Still haven't received mine copy and even I live in eastern Europe (Bulgaria) it is on Earth not on mars. 30+ days and nothing... Just great.

Patrick Kaak

Patrick Kaak commented

Bit sad about the deliveries as well, ordered two cd/dvd/bluray combos (one as a present for somebody) and received only one a good 2 weeks ago. No sign of the other one sofar.

Nino Dela Pena

Nino Dela Pena commented

Still haven't receive my purchase

Russell Pugh

Russell Pugh commented

Still nothing in South London and I am now getting really pissed off. I thought that Delain were going to be looking into whatever has happened but not a word. Very disappointed.

Patricio Bustamante Arriagada

Patricio Bustamante Arriagada commented

I'm aware I'll be the last to receive my package (I live in Chile) but in the meantime, it would be nice if the digital download were in FLAC format, isn't it? Is it possible?

robert hepwood

robert hepwood commented

Thank you Pledge and Delain - I recived my CD /DVD / Bluray package today in good condtition - it's still a mystery why it took so long, but hopefully it has been worth the wait

Alan D Marshall

Alan D Marshall commented

Lucky. Mine still hasn't arrived yet. I've even messaged Pledge yesterday to find out what's going on and haven't heard back yet.



So - a UK DVD has arrived here today. It has clearly been opened by UK customers, and resealed with some fetching white and purple "Home Office Border Force" tape - so I guess UK customs decided to take an interest in the package, I guess becomes there was no customs documentation. Still frustrating, but hopefully others are now receiving them with or without fetching Border Force tape......

Hon Lam So

Hon Lam So commented

Still haven't received my blu-ray... and I'm not in UK....

Alan D Marshall

Alan D Marshall commented

Another day and still no sign of my vinyl or blu-ray yet.

Stephen F-Barszczak

Stephen F-Barszczak commented

Same thing here mate, fed up of it, put in for a claim with PayPal to get me my money back
It's a joke will never do this again, or order with Pledge Music ever again, its a shamble, a Joke that's not funny.



Me neither. Again. So now it is even worse if some UK are and some not. And STILL NO EXPLANATION - that's the really disappointing thing. And still no offer to resend them. How long do we have to wait? They have now been "in the post" for 18 days. And we ARE still in the EU...........

Stephen F-Barszczak

Stephen F-Barszczak commented

I wish I knew how long to wait, I know I have put in a claim with PayPal and they have x amount of time to respond. so far they havn't responded to PayPal

Ken Bagnall

Ken Bagnall commented

Same. In the UK and still no sign.