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Dennis Hutcheson

Dennis Hutcheson commented

Hey Hey Della Mae,
Love my lyric sheet! Now framed and hanging on the wall, And just announced today , Our paths will actually cross on Oct 2, 2015. I finally get to see a live show.


Andy commented

A New Name for your Van? What as you think " 4 non Blondes"
Greeting from Berlin:-)


t commented

First and foremost, apart from a very great affection for Della Mae inclusive, I also honor and respect them tremendously
Della Mae has earned respect and affection through great music, accomplished musicianship, gifted song writing and excellent performances with each member’s passionate character/personality shining through and complementing their unity as a band
Their fun and very personable fan/ audience interaction is a big part of Della Mae and why they are loved and regarded so highly by so many

But Della Mae are not only all of the above... they are totally gorgeous inside and out.... they’re intelligent, witty, caring individuals who are compassionate, trustworthy and respectful... totally honourable, dependable individuals who enrich the lives of all around them and bring fun, joy and excitement wherever they go and perform

These very desirable traits and many more are why Della Mae earns such a dedicated fan base who are totally committed to the Della Mae-gick

Are the preceding questions/comments designed to enrich Della Mae’s fan funding campaign experience?
Are they adding fun and excitement to this fantastic opportunity for the girls and us... their fans?
Are they contributing anything positive and constructive to the limited time Della Mae’s fund raising campaign has left run?
Is this the appropriate time, place and platform to raise such issues?


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... irrespective of whether your questions/ comments have merit or not...
Please consider taking that discussion to a more appropriate site and platform where others of like mind might like to further engage your need to question the motivations of all involved.

Please let the girls of Della Mae and us fans who adore them really enjoy their fund raising experience and have fun interacting with each other

Please allow the Della Mae-gick to shine through and keep enriching everyone’s lives...

Yours too, you can trust the Della Mae-gick

Rick Brown

Rick Brown commented

Folks, read the overview. "In addition to supporting us, your pledge will also support Thistle Farms, a non-profit organization which helps women-in-need learn manufacturing, packaging, marketing, sales, and administration skills so they can earn a living wage. Together we can work to make this world a better place!"

That in itself is worth the investment. Go Della!


JIM HORAN commented

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your support of Della Mae. We are very grateful and couldn’t do what we do without you, our amazing fans!

Just to chime in on this discussion, there are many different types of record deals nowadays, and record companies help with some things, while leaving other things up to the artists. The money being raised through our pre-order campaign will help Della Mae accomplish even more than what we could with the support of Rounder/Concord (who we love, and who have been incredibly supportive!). And by partnering with PledgeMusic, our creative rights stay intact, and we get to share the whole album making experience with you. We hope you are enjoying it!


The Dellas

Vincent D Fiola

Vincent D Fiola commented

I'm not privileged to know exactly how the music business works, But even though we love music it's still a business. I would assume that even if there is some type of advance from a record company, there is a payback from the band for the expense in making the product. Studio time cost money, a world class producer costs money and all of that cost comes out of the bands pockets before they show a profit of their own. I think we are helping them pay back the record company for those expenses thereby helping the cause of some of our favorite musicians. Also, it's not like we aren't getting something for our money by pledging.

Garret Flenders

Garret Flenders commented

As crowd-funding becomes more common, I believe we need to ask some tough questions...

In this case, the question (which no one has answered) is, in the end, who will own the record – the artist or the label? I'm happy to help chip in to fund something that will belong to the artist in perpetuity, but if the record (meaning the copyrights in the sound recording and artwork) will be owned by a corporation who could afford it anyhow, I'm less likely to fork over the dough...

Tamar Smith

Tamar Smith commented

I'm confused about the same thing as Darren and Garret. I'm hoping someone will answer this question.

Darren Smalls

Darren Smalls commented

...I'm confused. Della Mae have a label deal with what appears to be a financially sound company: Why is Rounder/Concord not funding the band's recordings? Are Della Mae trying to do something that the label won't support? I'd feel fine kicking money to a struggling band trying to make ends meet and self-release an album that could be a long-term money-maker for them, but any profits realized from this venture will be shared (if not entirely funneled to, prior to recouping expenses) an organization whose outlay will be minimal because of this campaign. This is confusing.

Garret Flenders

Garret Flenders commented

That's a good point that I hadn't really considered...I mean, who will own the copyright for this project? The label? If the money we contribute is just going to help create a corporate asset that Concord could have easily afforded to generate on their own, it seems a little disingenuous.

Brian C Gibson

Brian C Gibson commented

Regardings 16 tons, I always liked the song but thought of it as somewhat of a novilty song ,like"Mack the Knife" until Della mae made it their own with Ceila's blues taking it to another level! Same can be said for the Carter's Dixie Darling with Jenny Lynn & Courtney's vocals so sweetly in tune with Celia! Love them Girls!

Meg Snyder

Meg Snyder commented

Hi Kimber and the rest of the Dellas! I feel like I know all of you because I've gotten to know Kimber over the past couple of years and have been following you since your early years at Grey Fox. Watching you travel the world and do such exciting and amazing things as ambassadors of music (and women in music) has been a gift. Each one of you is truly talented, and seeing you grow together is awesome! Can't wait to hear the new album and see you at festivals this year. Go Dellas - you rock!