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Help me get my long awaited second album, "Déviation" into your hands! Pledge to support independent music!

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Hello potential Pledgers, and welcome to my Pledge Music campaign!

It appears that the music industry is experiencing a renaissance, in which ‘patrons of the arts’(like you), and ‘artists’(like me), are once again working together to make music happen.
I am about to release my long awaited second album, and I can hardly wait to get it into your ears! The recording, mixing, and mastering are done, and now we are tweaking the packaging and getting ready to go to press.
I could really use some help paying down the debt incurred in producing a recording of this quality, and am offering some bribes(i mean, incentives)to entice you to get in on the action. Check out the list of cool things I’ll give you in return for your help. No one else will get these exclusive offerings, only those who pledge to help me keep my music independent!
Let’s put music into the hands of those that really matter, the musicians,(like me), and the listeners,(like you), and return the value to the arts that has been lost in recent years. Together we can save the future of music. Let’s get on it!
In addition to your pledge being a HUGE help to me, once my goal is reached, a portion of the funds will go to a foundation that is currently playing a big part in my musical life, and has presented me with multiple opportunities to collaborate with some amazing musicians and connect with other artists in my region.
Strathmore presents and produces exemplary visual and performing arts programs for diverse audiences; creates dynamic arts education experiences; and nurtures creative ideas and conversations that advance the future of the arts. The hallmark of the arts center is the Music Center at Strathmore, a 1,976-seat concert hall and education complex. A signature program is Strathmore’s Artist in Residence,(I was selected for this year’s program!) which cultivates musical talent in the Washington, D.C. area. The AIR program helps emerging talents hone their craft and build business acumen through performance, composition, teaching, professional development and networking opportunities. I am so lucky to be a part of this wonderful arts community! Please join me in supporting their efforts.

Thanks in advance for your help!


10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Strathmore Hall Foundation.

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AccessPass: "Déviation"


Download of the new album as soon as it is released!

Pass the Hat


Planning to buy the CD at a show? Or just don’t want any merchandise but
would still like to support my project? How about a tip? Choose from the
following amounts: $15, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000

"Déviation" on CD


“Déviation” on a CD that you can hold in your hands and admire!

"Déviation" on CD -Special Limited Edition package

62 left

“Déviation” on CD in a signed, limited edition package!

"Déviation" & "Gypsy Moth" on CD


My new CD and my debut CD in their lovely, tangible packages!

"Déviation"&"Gypsy Moth" CDs + card & photo

11 left

My debut CD, “Gypsy Moth”, and my new CD, “Déviation”, along with a personal thank you card and band photo!

Paper Rose handmade by Daisy

10 left

Beautiful paper rose clip, handmade from vintage sheet music. Put it in your hair, put it anywhere!

Cover song especially for you!

1 left

You choose a song, I’ll do a cover of it , film it, and post it on YouTube, dedicated to YOU!

Found object jewelry- handmade by Daisy!

10 left

Cool, one of a kind necklace, made from a variety of interesting ‘found objects’!

Original Photographic Print by Daisy

14 left

One of my original photos, signed and matted!

Original Art Print by Daisy

12 left

A signed and matted print of my original art!

Violin- Hand painted by Daisy!

All gone!

A violin that I used to play, hand painted by ME!

House Concert!

2 left

I will play for you and your guests at your house!
DC/MD/VA areas
If outside of these areas, cost of travel & accommodations must be added.
Must work within my schedule, so contact me before pledging so we can be sure to make it work!

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