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Artist response
Diane Birch

Diane Birch commented

Dear Fans and Friends,

I am dropping you a line here in light of the recent news of Pledge’s financial difficulties and their statements in the press of the situation. Unfortunately this has caused delays in my recording and I am on a bit of a hold until things become more clear. My first and foremost concern is the upholding of my promises to you. I place the utmost respect and urgency upon fulfilment of every penny that everyone of you has so generously paid on my behalf. I feel personally responsible for leading you all to this platform, which for the entirety of it’s history has shown only signs of being an artist friendly, modern, solid business model in every way. Unlike many Pledge artists recently, I have actually received half of my payout yet as a result of it’s lateness, it’s caused a 2 month push back of recording. I’ve been able to cover the backlog of recording costs but without knowing when I will receive the rest, I am unable to continue as I sadly am not in a financial position to front the costs. I am not sure of the reasons for the inability to pay the artists their money but I am remaining positive and in faith that the team is working hard to fix it. As of now the company has suspended all further pledges until the matter is resolved.

Please accept my deepest apologies for any delays and anxieties over the unknown this may cause you. I still believe with every fibre of my being that the music will rise triumphantly from the ashes of the industry no matter how many fires burn our houses down.

I remain yours faithfully till the end…..

Diane x

zach tucker

zach tucker commented

Dear fellow music lovers. Please pull back your pledges while you still can or get refund through the bank. The bank refunds can only be captured after 90 days. The caretakers of are taking your money and running off with it while the artist and listeners are left with nothing!! Revolt!!

Herb Cohen

Herb Cohen commented

Has there been any update on this?

zach tucker

zach tucker commented

The company is filling for bankruptcy. All money is officially lost!

Jason Borkowski

Jason Borkowski commented

It's been pretty quiet lately and with the stories about Pledgemusic's crappy money management, that's a little concerning..... Any updates to share?

Brian Raine

Brian Raine commented

Have I missed the ep? My Wi-fi is not working 100%. Brian

Tom Kjellin

Tom Kjellin commented

I wish you would come to Grand Rapids Michigan.

Marc Whitmore

Marc Whitmore commented

Any chance you would consider management again?

Artist response
Diane Birch

Diane Birch commented

yes desperately seeking

Marc Whitmore

Marc Whitmore commented

I’ve been following you for years and I’d love to discuss. I’m back and forth between LA and London.

Li Jiayi

Li Jiayi commented

Hi Diane!I am soooo happy to watch these update clips and hear u sharing with us your ideas! Your music truly delivers a sense of comfort.
Waiting for signed cd&accesspass available:) love ya!

Tony Randall

Tony Randall commented

DB, If I pledge for an MP3 or WAV of a cover song, could it be one of mine?

Keisuke Imai

Keisuke Imai commented

SUPER Congratulations on achieving your goal amount of pledges! It's not over yet, let's see if we can make the total amount even higher so Diane can create more, enjoy more, and share more with us!

Javier Bracamonte

Javier Bracamonte commented

Can I pledge for a full length stripped down video or audio of one of the new songs ? Jukebox Jonny ? Don’t remind me ️? Sentimental pieces ?

peter slingluff

peter slingluff commented

wonder when the deadline is to chose the handwritten lyrics song"