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No Such Thing As Glory (new album)

Pre-order our new album 'No Such Thing As Glory' now and make sure you get your own CD in the mail today!

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2 albums in 5 years’ time, that’s not bad, right? Following the success of our debut ‘Phoenix Down’, we embarked on a journey to discover everything a working musician can dream of. We bottled this experience into a 12-track heavy rock crusher that we are proud to offer to you, fellow music lovers and fans. ‘No Such Thing As Glory’ is a reminder to ourselves that nothing like this would be possible without real fans behind the music. This is why we need your help to spread it to the world. We need you to support our music, make sure your neighbours hear it and help us get to the point where we can tear down the stage of your favorite venue. So be sure to drop your pledge, stay tuned for updates and goodies and help keep the music aLIVE!

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AccessPass: No Such Thing As Glory

No Such Thing As Glory

New album in all its digital glory. Each pre-order guarantees a digital download of the album in high-quality format and comes complete with the album cover artwork.

Limited T-Shirt (includes album download)

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You get the download and a special limited edition Dirtswitch T-shirt to wear loud and proud.

New album on CD (download included)


You get ‘No Such Thing As Glory’ delivered straight to your mailbox once the CDs are manufactured.

Dirtswitch Dog Tag (download included)


The same dog tag that we wear on stage. Includes new album download!

Signed CD (download included)


The new CD, signed by the band.

Signed CD (download incl.) + digital dwnl. of 'Phoenix Down'


The new album on CD, signed + a download code for our debut album ‘Phoenix Down’.

Phoenix Rising

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Show your love for music! You get the digital download of the new album, a signed copy of the new CD, a T-shirt and a digital download of our debut album ‘Phoenix Down’. Gig ready!

Dirtswitcher Pack

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The new album, the old album (download and a signed CD), a limited edition T-Shirt and a Dog Tag. Welcome to the dirt.

Luke's mic (album download included)

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Luka’s Shure Beta58 that he uses on rehearsals and live. We’ll engrave it with your name and send it to you along with a signed copy of the new album!

Johnny's POD (album download included)

All gone!

You’ll receive Jani’s Line6 POD 2.0 guitar amp simulator (210-230V) that he used to track the guitars with for both album plus a signed copy of the new album so you can start jamming along instantly!

Uros' Crash Cymbal (album download included)

All gone!

Uros cracked his brand new Sabian HHX Crash cymbal while in the studio. We’ll engrave it with your name and send it to you along with a signed copy of the album, a T-shirt and a download of ‘Phoenix Down’!

Rok's Fender Jazz Bass V (album download included)

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Rok’s Fender 50th Ann. American Jazz Bass V that he used to record ‘Phoenix Down’ with, a signed copy of the new album, a T-shirt and a limited edition hard copy ‘Phoenix Down’. Rock’n’roll incarnate.

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