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New Studio Album

join me as I launch the release of my new album! get access to exclusive interviews and a sneak peek of the record ;)

it's a wrap! thank u

of goal

This is the one spot to get involved with the release of my brand new album “When The Music’s Loud”!

I’ve been working on this record for the past 3 years and I’m happy to say that we’re close to releasing it. I’m putting this project out on my own so all of your support is greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Here’s how it works – you can pledge for any of the items listed on the right side of the screen. I put up some fun and unique things that I hope you’ll dig. Also, everyone who pledges will get a digital download of my new album once it’s ready.

The process is supa-dupa-easy-peesy:

1) Make a Pledge
(shipping + handling is included based on your location)

2) Watch the updates
(Once you pledge, you’ll get instant access to the ‘pledger-only’ part of the site. You’ll hear streams of the new songs, videos of me recording in the studio, interviews with the producers who worked on the album and much, much more. You’ll be fully immersed in this album as we gear up to release it.)

3) Spread the word!
You can also help by promoting this project on your social networks. Every little bit counts :)

4) Interact!
I’d love to hear from you, if you have any ideas for pledges please let me know. I can always add ’em on.

Best of all, a portion of the pledges will go to Girls Rock! Chicago, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering girls’ creative expression, positive self-esteem and community awareness through music. They’re a great group and we’d like to help them in any way that we can.

Thank you all so much for your support of this new album. I’m so proud of this record and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

much love,

5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Girls Rock! Chicago.

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  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: When The Music's Loud

When The Music's Loud

Pre-order Colette’s new album “When The Music’s Loud”, plus a range of exclusive, personalized items and access to bonus content!

Exclusive Album release party @ Viper Room: LA

3 left

Special One Night Only → Live performance of the entire album at the VIPER ROOM in Los Angeles on October 17 + Mark Farina is playing a Mushroom Jazz set
(Transportation to & from show not included, must be 21+)

1 ticket

GOLD $25
1 ticket & an autographed copy of the CD

1 ticket, an autographed copy of the CD & entry to the VIP listening party with Colette from 8-9 pm in the downstairs Viper Room Lounge

*Event not open to the public

Handwritten "Thank You" Note

All gone!

A unique postcard picked out just for you with a special thank you for helping me with this project.

New Album "When The Music's Loud" on CD

New Album "When The Music's Loud" on CD

Pick up my newest album “When the Music’s Loud” on CD.

"Floating By" MIXTAPE

"Floating By" MIXTAPE
34 left

I recently discovered a stash of my mixtape “Floating By” that came out in 1998. People ask about this tape all the time and I’m happy I finally found them for y’all!

"In The Sun" CD

"In The Sun" CD
14 left

“In The Sun” was my first official mix compilation that came out in 2000. This CD has some of my favorite tunes on it like 8FATFAT8 “Let it shine” and the DC remix of Bushes.

"Hotwire" VINYL

180 left

Records are where it all started for me and I’m supa excited to release the first single “Hotwire” on vinyl. Featuring the album version & remixes by Sonny Fodera and Golf Clap.

Candy Talk REMIX package


Digital download of all 5 singles (20 tracks) on Candy Talk Records feat Colette: Call On Me, On a High, Crush, Crush 2 & Hotwire.

Exclusive T-Shirt


New design just for pledgers inspired by the album artwork from “When The Music’s Loud”.

Signed CD + Screenprint Poster

19 left

Double-Trouble! CD copy of “When The Music’s Loud” + a screenprint poster featuring the album artwork autographed just for you.

Skype chat with Colette

All gone!

You + Me + Skype! We can chat about songwriting, djing and anything you’d like to know about the making of the new record.
(30 min musical powwow)

The CD collection

All gone!

The CD collection: In The Sun, Hypnotized, Push, When The Music’s Loud (all CDs can be autographed)

The Vinyl Collection

All gone!

For the vinyl enthusiast:
Hypnotized full length album,
House of OM double-pack and the new Hotwire single. (all vinyl can be autographed)

Handwritten Lyric Sheet + "Hotwire" vinyl

4 left

I’ll handwrite and sign a sheet with the lyrics of your favorite song of mine. Also, you’ll receive the first single “Hotwire” on vinyl. Featuring the album version & remixes by Sonny Fodera and Golf Clap.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet + 3 Signed CDs

All gone!

I’ll handwrite and sign a sheet with the lyrics of your favorite song of mine. Also, you’ll receive physical copies of all 3 of my albums autographed to you.

I'll go record shopping for you

2 left

I’ll go record shopping from my own personal collection and pick 4 vinyl records that should be in YOUR collection. Genre will be House circa 1990-2010.

2 VIP Passes to any Colette show

All gone!

You and a friend can come to sound check, the show and boogie in the booth. PLUS 2 signed CD’s of “When The Music’s Loud”. Pick any show from my album tour in the US from 2013-2014. Dates listed at (Transportation not included, must be 21+)

Signed Microphone

All gone!

folks are always asking me what microphone I use for my live show. (psst…it’s the Audio-Technica Pro8HE) I have an extra one that I used in my show this past year and can sign it for you if ya like :)

The Ultimate Gift Bag

All gone!

You get everythang!

CD’s: In The Sun, Hypnotized, Push, When The Music’s Loud.
Vinyl: Hotwire, House of OM and Hypnotized (full length album).
Mixtape: Floating By.
Superjane T-shirt signed by Superjane.
Lyric sheet handwritten by me with the lyrics of your favorite song of mine.
2 VIP tickets to any show in the US (transportation not included, must be 21+)

(all merch can be autographed)

Studio Hang and Lunch for Two

1 left

Come spend a day with me in the studio, have some lunch and ask me anything about songwriting and recording. (max 2 people per pledge. must live in the LA area, transportation not provided)

Remix your song

1 left

Yessss, I’ll remix your song. Only 1 available. Super-duper-special.

DJ your party

3 left

I will provide the tunes and sing some songs at your next partaay. I’ll also bring ya some tour shirts and a copy of “When The Music’s Loud”.

Gear/travel/accommodations not included. Please reach out to the APT agency before pledging to work out timing/logistics.

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