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It’s been a long time coming but with the help of John Elliott and Michael Griggs we’ve created something that I’m really proud of. It’s technically an album, it’s got 9 tracks, but it’s split into two halves, like Yin & Yang. One half is loud and angsty, whilst the other half is calmer and more introspective. Dividing the two halves is a spoken word piece I’ve written called Release/Retract. I’d say that 2015 was the hardest year of my life, so these songs are written from a pretty dark place, with conflicting emotions, hence the contrast.

So far, the release has been funded by an Emerging Excellence Award I received from Help Musicians UK at the end of 2014, which has got me pretty far but it sadly isn’t enough to cover the costs of mastering and manufacturing. This is where you come in! By pre-ordering the release, you can help me get it into your hands.

Have a look, see what floats your boat.

Lots of love to you all,


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AccessPass: Release/Retract Double EP Download

Release/Retract Double EP Download

A digital download (mp3 and FLAC) of the double EP created by Dear Pariah, John Elliott (The Little Unsaid) and Michael Griggs (Waratah Records) in a church steeple at Islington Arts Factory.

Double EP on CD


The double EP is available on CD. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

3 Signed CD Bundle


All 3 releases so far, signed and packaged together with a handwritten note just for you.

Acoustic version of Double EP

21 left

A download of a limited edition acoustic recording of the release, plus the double EP.

Album Artwork Print


Album Artwork Print of the new double EP.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet


The song of your choosing, written out by hand in a very special way.

Cover Song Of Your Choice!


I’ll cover your favourite song, just for you!

Write You A Song


I’ll write a song for you, or for your loved one.

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