New LIVE CD and DVD out NEXT week! Not to late to get it early!

Ok gang!!!
I have amazing news!!!

We will be gathering posters, 8×10 photos, hoodies and other items that haven’t shipped and shipping them NEXT WEEK!

In addition, our new LIVE CD and DVD, Acoustic in a Freakin English Church, comes out December 16, but you guys are getting it first!!!

We had not thought to include a download with this, since the campaign was about Drunk Dynasty. However, those that bought the CD or DVD WILL get a download of the CD itself. It is 19 songs and 78 minutes long!

The DVD is over 2 hours long! We had never anticipated releasing a separate audio download of the FULL show, but, by request, we are making a FULL SHOW audio Download available to any of you that have pre-ordered, or order before the end of the year the CD DVD bundle ON THIS SITE ONLY….
This is the only place you can get it!

Thank you ALL so much for your continued support!!!