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AccessPass: The view from Cypress Lane...

The view from Cypress Lane...

You’ll get access to all of the updates we post here + access to download the record before it’s released anywhere else.

New CD


You’ll not only get the early digital release but we’ll also send you the new album on CD as soon as its manufactured!!!

Signed CD

64 left

Brand new CD signed & numbered by the both of us and sent to you as soon as its manufactured.


14 left

So you can get a feel for the stuff that inspires us, we’ll send you a burned CD (complete with unique artwork) of some of our favorite songs as well as a digital copy of the new album.

Guitar string used to track for the new album

9 left

Get one of the guitar strings used to track on “The view from Cypress Lane…” along with a hand written note from us specifying what songs were recorded with that string!

Signed pledgers only poster

90 left

We’re printing out and signing 100 limited edition poster available exclusively to pledgers.

Thank you note inside Jamison's favorite book

7 left

P for Pledgers! To say thanks for your pledge, we will write you a personalized thank you note inside of one of Jamison’s favorite hand picked Ray Bradbury novels.

Handwritten lyrics

28 left

We’ll hand write the lyrics for all of the songs from the new record, “The view from Cypress Lane…”.

Vintage care package w/ polaroids & note

4 left

Music & pickin’ are life for us. In honor of the latter we’d like to put together a care package of vintage treasures just for you. Comes w/ polaroids documenting our hunt for your items!

Self portraits drawn or painted by the band

5 left

Scary thought…. want to see how we see ourselves? Now’s your chance! Make this pledge & get a pair of original, signed, 1 of a kind, self portraits(1 Jamison & 1 Dai) drawn by the band.

Signed 25 Key GE Electric Organ

All gone!

We’ll both sign one of Dai’s keyed instruments…. A Vintage 25 Key GE Electric Organ. We’ve both used it on multiple releases and yes, on the upcoming album as well!!!

Signed guitar

All gone!

We’ll both sign one of Jamison’s white hollow body guitars that we’ve both used live and to track on many of our releases…. including the upcoming album!!!

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