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NEW ALBUM "Like It Never Happened"

I'm making a new album & want you to be a part of it!


of goal

Yup, a new album is in the works. The folks at PledgeMusic have given me a platform to make this record and for us to be in direct contact the entire time. I’m making the album “Like it Never Happened” with my friends (Danny Molad, Pete Lalish and Paul Loren) in November and I want you along for the ride! Maybe it’s just me but I think it sounds pretty cool, and I think you might like it too.

Here’s how it works – you can pledge for any of the items listed on the right side of the screen. I put up some pretty cool and unique things that I hope you’ll dig. Everyone who pledges will get a digital download of the new album once its ready. Right from my mouth to your ears! Or something like that.

Once you pledge, you get instant access to the ‘pledger-only’ part of the site. You’ll hear streams of new songs, videos of me playing my new piano in my living room with my rabbits, pics of me making breakfast on Sundays and much much more! (sorry). If you live on the east coast I may even come to your house and play you a private show!

Best of all, a portion of the pledges will go to Musicians on Call, an excellent organization that provides live music for patients in hospitals (including for those patients too ill to get out of bed). They’re a super awesome group, so help me support them. Yeah.

This is gonna be great. I can feel it already! Thank you for all your love.

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Musicians On Call.

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AccessPass: New EATC Album Download

New EATC Album Download

Available to all pledgers FIRST, and access to all updates. The whole shebang.



CD delivered to your mailbox once it is ready

Home made rings

15 left

One of my best friends, Lorena Ruiz, personally made rings with red hearts on them

Signed CD

19 left

CD signed by me

Disposable camera from the studio

All gone!

While I’m recording, I’ll take pictures using a disposable camera. I’ll send it to you undeveloped so that the photos are unique and not been doctored in any way.

Handwritten lyric sheet

All gone!

Let me know your favorite song of mine and I will hand write lyrics for you

Skype song session

3 left

By way of Skype, I’ll perform one of my songs just for you!

Knitted scarf

All gone!

I LOVE to knit! Whenever I have down time in the studio, I’m knitting away. I’ll personally knit you a scarf to keep warm in this winter

Dinner with me!

All gone!

Whether its in NYC or somewhere on the road, let’s meet up and nosh!

Piano lesson

All gone!

Whether you’ve never tickled the ivories or are a budding Mozart, I’ll give you a piano lesson. We can do this in NYC or via Skype.

1 ticket to all my shows in a year

1 left

Yup, for one year, you’ll be able to get into any of my shows, no matter where I am in the world. If you can get there, you’re in.

Note this excludes any festival performances

I'll write a song for you with your name in it

1 left

House party gig (East Coast US)

2 left

I (along with a friend) will come to your house and play for you and you friends! I’m really excited by this.

Please email xxxx before pledging to work out the timing/logistics. It may take me awhile to make this happen because of my schedule and where you are

Record a cover song of your choice

All gone!

We will record a cover version of the song of your choice

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