Back firing on all cylinders!

Hi everyone,

Now that summer is drawing to a close and a new season is just around the corner and in response to lots of kind, and concerned enquiries, I feel that I’d like to explain why I have been relatively quiet over recent months.

18 months ago, in March 2017, I had a knee injury followed by knee surgery, which didn’t heal. In August 2017 I also began to experience muscle wastage and bruised bones in my right hand. The cause was a mystery to doctors. Earlier this year (2018) it spread to my left arm & hand and I became unable to use that too.

My heart broke watching the seasons pass outside the window – I was hugely ill, in extreme pain, and aside from three fleeting moments on stage pumped full of medication and steroids, I was, for the most part, stuck indoors unable to get out and perform. Eventually, I received a diagnosis of inflammatory auto-immune disease. It’s been a slow, slow, physically and emotionally painful journey for the last

18 months. Thankfully, I am now well on the road to recovery. I’m able to walk properly again, am gaining strength and most importantly to me, just a few weeks ago I was back on stage, singing and strutting my stuff during the UK summer festival season. I really can’t put into words just how happy I am to be back on stage singing my head off.

I cannot express enough thanks to my Nana, who instilled in me a level of positivity and determination that somehow kept me going, or to the wonderful friends and people who’ve supported my music, waiting so patiently for my new album – it’s definitely on it’s way!

As some of you may have seen, my crowdfunder campaign had to be put on hold, but it’s now back up & running, and dearly in need of your support.

We still have some incredibly special packages available to purchase, including limited edition memorabilia, content, and even a private concert for the event of your choosing, so please take a look.

Please help in any way you can, so that I can get this music that I love and that comes from my soul, out there, and riding the airwaves – love to all! Connecting with my amazing band and having the support of so many lovely people on this journey truly means the world to me.

Here’s a reminder of where it all started.

My songwriting for this album began during a seaside holiday and evolved organically over eight months. Songs developed from sessions at the piano, riverside walks, chilled evenings on the guitar and snippets of content captured on a mobile recorder, all these elements distilled to create the essence of the music. Some were songs from the start, some riffs and grooves, and some poems later set to

music – all being a timeless record of my response to the world around me. The album reflects on society and it’s ultimate renewal, the fragility of people, and the strength of connectivity all wrapped in upbeat grooves and moments of reflection.

Everyone who pre-orders the album will receive a digital download upon the album’s release, as well as an AccessPass to exclusive content, including behind the scenes footage, and photographs of me, the band and the special places we are working in.

AccessPass Update

New tunes are bubbling ....

Tunes are bubbling… here’s a real personal moment in my new tune ‘Floating’ – can’t wait to finish it and get it out there x
AccessPass Update

Vintage desk + contemporary music = THE best sounds :)

So happy to be creating amazing music on this amazing vintage desk with THE best musicians – total honour #beyondhappy. THANKS so much to everyone for your support to make this happen X
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