ATOM EPs are on their way to you

We’re excited to let you know that, despite the continued silence (and lack of payment of owed funds from PledgeMusic), everyone who pledged for a signed ATOMS EP have been sent their copy today! Thank you so much to all of you that sent such lovely and supportive messages following the last update, the PledgeMusic situation really has been so awful for artists and fans alike. Please bear with us while we continue to try and work out how to fulfil other outstanding items.

If you pledged for a tee shirt, these will be sent out towards the end of May, but if you’re coming along to one of the ATOMS UK tour dates you can also collect your tee at the show (which will help us with shipping costs!). If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, all the dates are shown below and tickets are available from https://emmastevensmusic.com/shows

Thanks again for your continued patience and support!

Emma & Team x

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As many of you may be aware, PledgeMusic have not been paying artists the funds collected on their behalf for several months now. Sadly, we have to inform you that Emma is among the hundreds of artists affected and is still owed many thousands of pounds pledged by you, her loyalist supporters.

For a self-funded, independent artist like Emma, the situation has been devastating. Not only because of the knock-on effect of delays to the release of new material, but more importantly, having to disappoint the very friends that are dearest to her – you!

We launched the campaign for Atoms last year having used PledgeMusic successfully on two previous occasions and had no reason to suspect that they were financially unstable. Unfortunately, it has become clear that PledgeMusic have been less than honest in its dealings with us (and many other artists) during this latest project. Rather than holding your pledges on-account (as they are contractually obliged to do), they appear to have been using those funds to continue day-to-day operations, effectively operating insolvently for some time. It is quite sickening that a company that purported to be helping artists by providing a platform whereby fans could pledge payments safe in the knowledge that their funds would be returned if the artist failed to deliver, could so callously squander those funds without any regard to the artists or their fans at all.

The situation is, obviously, completely unacceptable and the last thing Emma, or anyone in her team, wants to do is to let down those of you that have paid hard earned cash to support her. To that end, we have (at our own cost) already fulfilled around half of the items due including Calendars, Singles CDs, Cushions, Shopping Days and, of course, the digital download of the new EP.

It’s still unclear whether Emma will eventually receive the funds that you have pledged. PledgeMusic are not providing any updates to artists beyond those posted publicly on their website (you can read their latest statements at https://www.pledgemusic.com/blog).

We will do our very best to fulfil as many of the incentives as possible but with no funds coming in from PledgeMusic, we ask you to please bear with us as we try to work out how to achieve this. We’re hoping that the official release of Atoms will now take place in Spring 2019 and once we have physical copies available we’ll start shipping those to anyone who has pledged for one.

If you have pledged for other items such as House Concerts, Song Dedications or Unique Acoustic Recordings, we will contact you directly to discuss these.

We’ll continue to update you as and when we know more.

Emma Stevens Management