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All is quiet from Pledgemusic.

Hey guys!

Still no updates from Pledgemusic about what´s going to happen. Last I heard from them was a few weeks back that they “are in talks” with a potential buyer, but come on. Do anyone believe anything at this point coming from these guys?

We are sick of waiting, and we are sick of having YOU wait. Problem is we honestly don´t know how to sort this crappy situation in the best way.
BUT, some fans and pledgers have told me that they have had luck talking to their credit card operator and cancelling their purchase on pledge, and then placing a new order on our official store instead when they got their money back.( – and it´s run by US, so no worries about anyone here stealing your money).

I have no idea if it works for everyone, cancelling a purchase through your credit card operator, since I have never needed to do such a thing, so no idea what rules and terms apply for getting money back in cases like these, but some people seem to have had success with it, so my advice is that you look into it instead of waiting for Pledge to get their shit together.

Very sorry about all of this, it really is a damn shame, but let´s not let it get us down! If there is a way to “fix” it, let´s try eh? :)


Kenny and WATC

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