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Brian McVey

Brian McVey commented

So, May 9th now with no response from Pledge. People who ordered through other channels have received their vinyl copies over 2 weeks ago in most cases. I understand artist delays. I can't understand why Pledge cant provide an update on a physical item which everyone else has in hand. It's a shame when good artists choose PledgeMusic. The service has drastically gone down hill of late.

Dennis Mccormick

Dennis Mccormick commented

I ordered the red vinyl of World beyond on April 7th. The vinyl says it will be available April 20th. It is now May 3rd and I have not received it, or heard any updates on if the release date was pushed out. This is a lousy way of doing business. I will never purchase anything from Pledge Music again. And I will spread the word.

Matthew T Reppert

Matthew T Reppert commented

I ordered the red vinyl as well. An update would be nice.

Lee Foster

Lee Foster commented

Still no sign of mine!!!

Josef Fila

Josef Fila commented

Just got the World Beyond package today (I'm from the Czech Republic), together with the signed postcard as a bonus!

Petr Zitnik

Petr Zitnik commented

Hey, I am from the Czech Republic too :-)
And got today cassette, CD limited, art print and signed card, thank you ver much! Kind regards from Prague :-)

William Jones

William Jones commented

6 days since release & still no product!!!! Not a happy bunny. Using Lexer from now on!!!! Complete shambles

paul pont

paul pont commented

amazing as all ways the lads,are on top .


skip commented

I'm happy and surprised by the service from Pledge this time around. In previous orders, I never received the items in a timely manner. This time, they sent me the tracking number and my order will arrive a couple days after the release date. Additionally, they gave me the download link as soon as the album was released. Now I can listen to the album while waiting for the package to arrive. Thanks Pledge for listening to the complaints and making changes!

Michael Abbott

Michael Abbott commented

Just an FYI, I can't open the FLASC files in iTunes just the MP3's Never had this problem before ??

marc finley

marc finley commented

Yet again we come to release day but none of my order has arrived is it so hard to send out orders on time this happens èvery time with pledge even though they charge alot for postage come on pledge get your act together as this is just not acceptable

Damion David

Damion David commented

Same for me.Very disappointing, having placed my preorder on the first day the items were available


KC commented

Previously it was mentioned that preorders may win signed postcards by Erasure. However this information does not seem to appear anywhere now. What has happened?

Antony Briers

Antony Briers commented

Mine arrived today and I did indeed get a signed postcard.


KC commented

Wow, congrats! Keeping my fingers crossed :)