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Debut Album

Pre-order our debut album and gain exclusive access to private videos, photos, tracks, & more!!!


of goal

Last summer we were lucky enough to receive funds to record our debut album “On Our Side.” It was enough money to record and mix a full length record, 11 songs all together. With your generosity we will be able to ensure a proper release of our record! We will use all funds within our initial goal to pay for the following:

Mastering (mastering equalizes all mixes on an album to maintain continuity)
Album Artwork
CD Printing & Pressing
Official Erland T-shirt Production
Music Video Production for One Song

Our initial goal will give us an amazing head start but it is only the beginning. Our producer and friend Andrew McMahon will be taking us on the road as an opening act for his next tour. This is such an incredible opportunity for us to promote our debut album. Unless we pick up tour support from a record label we will need to pay our own way. All funds raised beyond our initial goal will go towards the following:

Tour Support
Much Needed Gear
Website & Social Network Design & Development
Additional Merchandise Production
Additional Music Video Production
Print & Web P.R.

We’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to bring you into our world as the album is released. Here’s how it works – you can pledge for any of the items listed on the right side of the screen. We’ve made every item as fun as it could be, as well as totally exclusive to this campaign. Everyone who pledges will get a digital download of the new album on January 15th, 2013.

Once you pledge, the doors open wide and you get instant access to the ‘pledger-only’ part of the site. Here, we bring you into our world where you’ll get campaign exclusive videos & pictures, sneak peaks at final mixes from the album, and updates on our progress.

Best of all, a portion of the pledges after our initial goal is met will go to our producer Andrew McMahon’s charity – The Dear Jack Foundation -- an organization dedicated to the advocacy and initiatives that benefit the lives of those fighting young adult cancer. Andrew started this organization after his own battle with cancer and continues this very important work.

Join us in this exciting new adventure!!!

Thank you so much for your support,


5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Dear Jack Foundation.

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AccessPass included with all items!

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  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: ERLAND Debut Album

ERLAND Debut Album

You’ll get a digital download of our debut album when its ready, along with exclusive bonus material!



A copy of our debut album “On Our Side” sent to your mailbox!

Signed CD

221 left

A CD signed by the whole band and delivered to your mailbox! Obviously WAY better than the plain ole’ CD and only 5 dollars more!!


184 left

An official Erland t-shirt – in your size, ready to be worn casually or even to important events like an Erland concert! T-shirts will display the “On Our Side” original album art work and will be made in California using 100% organic cotton.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

28 left

I will hand write the lyrics to a song of your choice! The lyric sheet will come with exclusive in studio photos and a detailed description of what inspired me to write the song. I know you may want to dive deep into the album before picking a song so take your time, no need to rush your decision – I’ll be ready when you are!

Your Name In The Credits & Signed CD

12 left

We will include your name in our “special thanks” credits on the original album artwork! You will be forever ingrained in our band history and rightfully so. We’ll make sure you get a signed CD to prove it! Imagine if your name was on the “Meet The Beatles” album?!? We’re definitely not the Beatles but I’m just never know =)

Come To A Rehearsal

16 left

Come to a rehearsal and hang with the band! If you are 21 or older we will provide beer or wine so you can kick back with a drink while we serenade you! If you can’t make it to the rehearsal in person we can Skype you in because the digital age is absolutely amazing.

Soundcheck + 2 x VIP To A Show + Dinner w/ The Band

3 left

You and a friend can come to our soundcheck and have VIP passes for a show. We’ll also treat you to dinner before we hit the stage!

Signed Original Artwork

20 left

A poster size copy of the original album artwork signed by all the band members, engineers and producers that helped “On Our Side” come to life!

2 x VIP Passes + Bonus Material

5 left

Two reserved VIP spots on our guest list for all headlining shows through July 1st 2013!! Includes a signed CD, free song downloads, and one Erland T-shirt in your size.

A Night Out With The Band

5 left

The band will take you out for the cuisine and drinks of your choice! Let us show you our favorite local hangs or better yet, if we meet you on the road you can show us yours!! Our hang out will include a private unplugged performance of a song of your choice!!

Song Writing & Guitar Lesson/Hangout + Bonus Material

5 left

I will meet you either in person or on Skype for a private Guitar/Songwriting Lesson. If you are a guitar player I will teach you a song of your choice, one of mine or a song by any other artist! That’s right, i’ll even teach you Stairway To Heaven if you want…
If you are an aspiring songwriter I will give you insight into my songwriting process and/or help you work out one of your own songs. If you are not a musician at all but would like to contribute to this wonderful prize we can discuss the “On Our Side” album recording process, music, life, love, politics, religion – we can talk about whatever you want..(actually, a few things might be off limits)
Includes a signed CD, an official Erland t-shirt in your size, your name on the “On Our Side” album credits + 2 VIP passes to an Erland show!

House Party Gig

3 left

We will come to your house and play for you and you’re friends!! We can play an unplugged acoustic set for the more intimate gathering or a plugged in rock show so you can show you’re neighbors (in case they don’t already know) how incredibly awesome you are!! If you want you can write our set list for us and/or pick two cover songs you would like us to play! As an additional thank you we will include your name on our album “special thanks” credits.

The Ultimate Erland Package!!

5 left

You will receive everything you see on the ERLAND Pledge Music page!!! Why not have it all?!? You win, you always do…

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