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Debut Album - Everyone's Invited!

Do something big as a family! Participate with our band in the release of our kid-friendly album "Everyone's Invited!"

Hi moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and kids! Aunts, uncles, cousins and friends too! When we say “Everyone’s Invited,” we’re talking to you! Making music that kids and their grown-ups can enjoy together is what we love to do, and we’ve found this great way that you can be a close part of sharing this wonderful experience with us!

My wife Amy and I started writing lyrics and music inspired by our daughter, now 2-1/2 years old. These songs that come from her fascinating world were so good that we put together a band! Now, you and your children will have all sorts of ways to inspire us too, in all sorts of ways – music, artwork, videos, live performances and plenty that we’ll come up with together.

We have written all the songs and recorded all the drum and bass parts. Five songs out of our 12 are completely finished. We’re currently adding vocal harmonies and keyboard for the remaining songs. Your pledges will help with duplication and marketing of physical CDs and raise awareness of the available digital downloadable album.

I’m happy to tell you that a portion of your pledge supports Guitars in the Classroom, an organization that encourages and trains teachers to incorporate singing, songwriting and guitar playing into the curriculum to improve overall learning, connection to the subject matter, musicality and social skills in kids. GITC often supplies instruments for use in the classrooms.

When you pledge to support our project, you and your family become part of our story. You’ll get regular updates in words, pictures and video. You’ll hear new songs for future albums and singles coming together before anyone else as we keep moving forward musically. You’ll be part of a community coming together to share the joy, the spark of creativity surrounding music for kids and their families. We’re delighted that your thinking about joining us!

- Jason

5% of goal
10% post goal
5% of goal and 10% of any money raised after that will go to Guitars in the Classroom.

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AccessPass: Everyone's Invited!

Everyone's Invited!

Our debut album will contain 12 kid-friendly upbeat and energetic tracks including traditional favorite “Down By the Bay.” The first five singles are available now as digital downloads and can be heard on kid-friendly radio stations.

New Album on CD


The new album available on CD. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

Signed CD


The new CD, “Everyone’s Invited,” Signed by the band.

Exclusive T-Shirt (includes album download)


New design just for pledgers that announces that your kids helped make an album!

Signed drum sticks


Used on new album and signed.

Signed Set List


From a recent show, the songs that were played, right from the stage and signed by the full band.

Happy Birthday Skype or Facetime call


I sing Happy Birthday plus a request from our album and talk with your family via Skype or Facebook – 20 minute call

Introduce the band at a live concert!


Your kid get’s to play MC and introduce Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam at one of our scheduled concerts in the NY/NJ Metro Area. If you can’t travel to a show, we’ll play a recording of your child through our speaker system.

Signed Poster


Poster featuring new artwork from new album. Signed. Includes CD and download.

Make new friends at Google Hangout concert


Invitation-only live, online concert via Google Hangout. Chat with fellow “fan families” and make requests while we entertain you online wherever you are!

Handwritten lyric sheet


The song of your choosing, written out by hand in a very special way, personalized to your kids!

Pre-concert playlist


Your child gets to put together a 30-minute playlist of kid-friendly songs that plays before a Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam concert. Your child also gets to give a live or pre-recorded introduction of the band. We review choices for appropriateness for the audience.

Your kid introduces our video on TV

3 left

Your children get to make a TV appearance to introduce a video on our municipal TV station in NJ, which is available via streaming media. Multiple towns air the show. In-studio or send us video to use.

Your kids' names In the liner notes + Signed CD


You’ll be part of the new album…literally! With your kids’ names (or yours) appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes both in print and on our web site. PLUS a signed CD.

Music lesson over Skype or Facetime


Let’s get together on Skype or Facetime and work on some music. 30 min. Learn guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals or percussion.

Your kids appear in our video


Your kids get to appear in a music video we produce for this album or a future song. We film in metro NY area; you provide transportation. Video will be on YouTube and TV (Montclair Municipal Access)

Artwork creative team

6 left

You and your kids get to be on the creative team to draw and present artwork ideas for our photographer and illustrator and vote on choices for finished product! We’ll have two online meetings or phone calls and exchange ideas by e-mailed pictures. We’ll encourage the exchange of contact information between all families on the creative team.

Cover song of your child's choice


You name the song (within reason) and it will be covered in a very unique way for your private collection. You’ll receive a live performance video of the rendition.

Video creative team

6 left

Your family gets to plan with us and our director for a concept for a music video from this album or a future song. Meetings are by conference call, online meeting or in-person (NYC area). We’ll also share picture files of the photos or drawings you contribute with your ideas for the look of the video. We’ll encourage all families on the team to exchange contact info.

Instrument shopping in New York


Are you near NY or visiting? I’ll meet you and the kids at a music store for an hour to help pick out guitars, bass, drums or gear! We buy lunch before or after. You provide travel and buy instrument.

Signed child's guitar or ukulele


Age appropriate instrument for your child (guitar or ukulele), signed, with an exclusive video of me playing a song of your choice on it.

Song custom written for your child


A song written from scratch about your child’s personality and likes (as described from you and your child to us). Recorded acoustically in our home studio. CD provided, performed via Skype/FaceTime

Concert at your school


We perform in your town, in the school, house of worship or other community gathering place of your choice (even your house). Your kids get to introduce the band onstage! Varies for location/options

Song written and recorded by whole band for your child!


We’ll write a custom song about your child (as you or the child describe), arrange it for the band and go into a professional recording studio! You’ll get an MP3, CD and a behind-the-scenes video!

Song written for your child with video


We write a custom song for your child, record it with the band in the studio, and produce a video featuring pictures and clips of your child that you provide. These make great moments at parties!

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