FRIENDS….I don’t know how much longer the PLEDGE WEB SITE will even be up, so I wanted to let you know that I have sent ALL THE VINYL this week. HAND PAINTED VINYL goes out on MONDAY, and T-SHIRTS won’t go for a few weeks, because I am just getting around to designing and ordering them. Also, hand written lyrics will go out in the next week as well. I have addressed all the envelopes, asked my daughter to help me prepare the packages, and today I spent an hour and a half at the Post Office, so thank USPS for that.
People write to ask me if Pledge has got it back together but NO….they only send those automated emails when I click that I’ve sent the package. The fact is, they are doing NOTHING to help me, and I am mailing out everything. Your support has been amazing, and soon we will cross the finish line together.

If anybody you know wants this album, all they have to do is go to TIMEASTON.COM and write me on the CONTACT page and I can get them vinyl or CD. The digital version is avail at my Bandcamp Page. You can listen, stream, or buy it here https://timeaston1.bandcamp.com/album/exposition
thanks for spreading the word.

My record release show is in Nashville on Thursday, May 30th at RADIO CAFE, then I will tour the Midwest, Europe, and Alaska this year. I will also tour Russia, but that is some big news coming later. In other news, I have moved from Whites Creek to just outside Liepers Fork, TN, about one hour South of Nashville, where I will set up a studio and get to work creating.

Thanks again,
Tim, Leipers Fork, TN

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Pledge Music Vinyl Mailings, etc...

Greetings all…thanks for your patience as I am in between houses, moving into a new place, fulfilling the orders…etc…trying to make a living. The signed vinyl and signed posters and hand-painted v...
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Important Notice to all EXPOSITION PLEDGERS

Friends I thank you for your patience. I need every one of you who Pledged to support the Exposition LP to write their credit card company and say they received nothing for their money, then, if y...
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Hey Everybody, So, Pledge Music has not sent me one penny of the money that you gave me to make this project, and I’ve been working very hard to fulfill my orders. As you can see, I’m running a b...
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Greetings From Tim Easton

Hello Friends & Supporters, I have heard no news from Pledge Music regarding getting paid for my project, and as you can imagine it is quite frustrating. A few folks have asked for refunds and I ...