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Hello, wonderful EZJ fans. Hope you’re loving the mp3s and thanks for your patience. If you still need your merch, it will be on its way. I have everything except the CDs, which are going to take 3 more weeks. So what I will do is if you bought a physical CD, I will mail those out separately from your shirt or glassware. If you’re in San Diego, I’ll be hand delivering your mech.

A couple of other things. If you’re not already on the EZJ official email list, I will add you and we can stay in touch that way. Eventually I won’t be posting via Pledge anymore.

Also, we have two shows coming up. March 31 at the Music Box in San Diego, we’ll be previewing a few of the new songs live. At the same time, I am also working with a venue right now to book the CD release show either April 16, 22, or 23. Stay tuned!


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