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The Last PledgeMusic Update

Hello Emotional Charge co-creators. Thank you again for making this album a reality. CDs are being replicated in LA and I’m expecting them very soon!

After this my updates will be coming from the email list, but I just wanted to tell you about the two big shows coming up. First is All Access Fest at the Music Box in San Diego on Thursday, March 31. Ezekiel Jay plays at 9pm. It’s a short set because there are 10 bands sharing the stage that night, beginning at 7pm! It’s the perfect preview to the release show and tickets are FREE:

I have paper tickets, too, for the printer-less.The link to the Facebook event is here:

Second, save the date for the Emotional Charge album release show! It will be Saturday, April 23 at the Irenic in San Diego:

I’m currently planning this event like a mad scientist and/or bridezilla. Unfortunately I will have to charge a small admission to cover the price of renting this 400 person venue but it will definitely be worth it! You’ll definitely be hearing more about it in the days to come.


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