The last things to do

I think this might be the track order. I’m not sure yet, but I have my rationale for it. You know, I thought vocals were done for a while now, but then last night I went in and did an “emergency vocal session.” See, when it was all said and done, the song “Overwhelmed” ended up with a super 70’s soul ending. The original vocals didn’t match the new style. So I brought a bottle of Coppola to the studio and we knocked out a new version. I believe the wine enabled me to hit Al Green levels of smoothness for about 2 seconds.

So hold tight. We’re reserving a mastering session for the first week of February. Then I free the final tracks to you, the PledgeMusic supporters. You get to hear them before anyone else!

Much appreciation,

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The order?

January baby?

Mixes are underway, so there is still a great chance of a January birth date for this record. Ezekiel Jay explains the status….

Still needs wrapping

Merry Christmas everyone!

I wanted so badly to say that there is a wrapped CD for you being readied for distribution by The Guy in the Red Suit. However, music production doesn’t work like Santa’s Workshop, with a bunch of kids in silly outfits turning out the same mass-produced stuff every year. Wait, that’s One Direction. Anyway, I don’t have an army of elves at my disposal, so the tracks won’t be finalized by Christmas. However, if you do want to know where things are at, watch this short EZJ video. We’re now at the point where all the microphones and instruments are put away. Now it’s on to the mixing and mastering stage!

Some merch info:
T-Shirts have been ordered. If you bought one, see the attached pic for a sample of what yours will look like.

I will be ordering the EZJ beer glasses in the next few days. I’m thinking etched logo instead of printed…. it’s more expensive but you’re worth it!

Again, have a wonderful holiday. Don’t forget to crank up the Christmas jams. Let me know your favorite (kiss-butt bonus points if you say Christmas Rebel by Ezekiel Jay)


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So, so close

Next Tuesday is (fingers crossed) the last studio session for Emotional Charge. This has been a journey. Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, piano, synthesizer, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clavinet, claps, loops, arpeggio beeps, lead vocals, harmony vocals, Hammond organ, violin, viola, cello…. At this point over 15 musicians, singers and visual artists are involved in this project.

Check out this video featuring those last few instruments listed.

I wish I could say that the digital uploads were going to be done by Christmas, but it might take a miracle on 42nd St. (near the recording studio in San Diego). My guess is that it will get held up by the mastering studio over the holiday. But I’m still pushing. For those of you who ordered t-shirts, the design is finalized and I’m going to the print shop tomorrow to place an order. Maybe at least something will be ready this month!

I’ll keep you up to date…. Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday night in the studio

I’m here with Ben Moore right now and we’re working tirelessly to add pop magic to some of these songs. It’s now into the keyboard and effects phase of the project, adding gloss and shine: synth oohs and aahs, organ, piano, hand claps…. Don’t worry, we’re not removing the soul. We’re just letting that soul glow! Sure there are many more social ways to spend a Saturday night. Lucky for me I’m an introvert, so I’m not sweating it. Bring the empty hallways and spooky, unknown sounds, I say!

So when is this record going to be done? I’m hearing that question a lot, and this is a great thing. It means you are still interested after all these months. I thank you so much for believing in me and having the patience to let me make the record I want to make. If you don’t love at least some of these songs on this album, I will be very surprised. Oh right, so when? I really want to have these digital tracks uploaded to PledgeMusic before I leave for the holiday break. Let’s call it Dec. 20-ish.

OK, one final spoiler. I’m confident enough in the album title at this point that if you’ve read this far, you get to know. Emotional Charge is the the title and I plan on delivering an emotionally charged collection of songs!

Happiness and peace,