AccessPass Update

Just getting underway!

Hi all, this is my first update, which is just for you (the pledgers). Thank you again for investing in me! We’re up to 8% of the goal now, 2 days in. It’s a great start but it won’t yet pay for th...
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AccessPass Update

Dug up an unheard EZJ live track just for Pledgers!

Hi pledgers, we’re up to 13% of the goal and I am so grateful to you for buying something to help fund this recording! I wanted to keep everyone involved so I found this live track of The Captain f...

Random facts about Ezekiel

Hi friends, here are some things you probably didn’t know about me! Some of these random questions are music related, but most are more general, mildly embarrassing things. I plan to do a second round more related to my musical history in a future update.


AccessPass Update

To show my worries or hide them?

More and more, I am paying attention to my impulse to hide parts of myself, then choosing to share anyway. Even if it shows weakness. Read on…. I am serious about offering my support to you if you ...
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