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Fantastic Planet was released on Aug. 13, 1996. The album earned a perfect 5-star score from Alternative Press who said the collection was able “to breathe life into the corpse of contemporary, guitar-driven rock” adding that the band was “willing to stretch the definition of both their instruments and their songs.” In the years that followed, the album’s stature has grown, becoming one of the era’s most influential and enduring rock records. " ‘Fantastic Planet’ is the almighty jam,” said Spin in an article announcing the band’s 2014 return, “a 17-track beast of guitar-antihero theatrics and studio-as-instrument bummer luxury.” Pitchfork dubbed the album “a sleeper classic” while Decibel penned a seven-page “Hall of Fame” feature on the album, saying “seriously, this is one of those albums that’s so perfect, the band almost had to implode after it’s release.”

Failure celebrated the 20th anniversary of their seminal, 17-track album, Fantastic Planet, with a month long US tour in October, 2016, recreating a routing similar to one they followed after the album’s August 1996 release.


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