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Matt Walton

Matt Walton commented

Hey! Are we getting these (vinyls) on/around 11/9? The 'updates' page says it's the release date, but on the my order page is says "expected fulfillment date 12/10. Anyone know? I'm so pumped to get this one!

Artist response
Peter Wark

Peter Wark commented

We have the vinyl. They are 1/3rd signed. The plan is to have them out the door to you ASAP.

Kevin Brosky

Kevin Brosky commented

Really psyched to finally be able to have a vinyl version of this. One of my favorite albums of the 90s.

Anthony Hita

Anthony Hita commented

Same here. I have every song on this album memorized. It is one of the few albums I never get tired of listening to despite having heard at least one song from it everyday for 20 years now.

Matthew L. Heath

Matthew L. Heath commented

I wish there would have been an Anniversary release for Make Your Mama Proud too.
Us fans would have loved that too...glad for this one though for sure!

Also hope for a reissue with bonus tracks of A Harsh Light Of Day! :)