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The New Album on Vinyl

Follow us as it happens! Order the album vinyls buy exclusive FPH-specials. Come close with the access pass.


of goal

The scene is set! Mid July were building a temporary studio inside The New Theatre in Copenhagen. We are planning to make a ideal setup for recording our next album. Adam has been working hard on building the backbone and the skeleton for a bunch of new songs, and now were working together to prepare for the recording sessions.

When this is done, our ambition is to create a beautiful, 180 gram vinyl, with artwork by Jakob Tolstrup.

If and when We reach our goal We promise to get the most out of the money we raise and we’ll do our best to give our pleadgers some exclusive insights from the process.

4% of goal
8% post goal
4% of goal and 8% of any money raised after that will go to Greenpeace.

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AccessPass: Digital download of the new FPH CD

Digital download of the new FPH CD

Get the upcoming album as a digital download as well as access to lots of exclusive content like demos, videos and so on…!

New Album on CD

43 left

Get a copy of our upcoming album on a fresh and crisp CD.

New Album on Signed CD

40 left

Get a signed copy of our upcoming album on a fresh and crisp CD.

Signed Drum Sticks

5 left

Get a pair of Kristoffer Sidenius signed drum sticks :-)

FPH T-Shirt

FPH T-Shirt
140 left

Get one of these dope cotton tees. We can sign it for you if you want.

New Album on Vinyl


We will be making beautiful vinyl! Get your turntables ready!

Signed Andas In Vinyl

Signed Andas In Vinyl
39 left

Signed Andas In Vinyl. A 180 g vinyl with artwork by the amazing artist Jakob Tolstrup + a poster.

New Album on Vinyl Signed


We will be making beautiful vinyl! Get a signed copy.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

4 left

The song of your choosing, written out by Adams hand in a very special way.

Video with a personalised poodle dance

5 left

Get a personal video greeting from Trine Trash including a poodledance .

Exclusive edition vinyl - Mumin

Exclusive edition vinyl - Mumin
All gone!

A chance to get this unique Mumin vinyl. Only 10 pressed!
Cover by Flems

FPH Video for your celebration

4 left

Get a personal greeting and song for a special day or moment. Ex birthday song, wedding greeting etc

Signed Vinyls New Album & Andas In

39 left

Get a signed copy of both our beautiful vinyls. 180 g vinyl with fantastic artwork by artist Jakob Tolstrup.

Adam's Cavalry Hat from the 'Över' video

Adam's Cavalry Hat from the 'Över' video
1 left

The stately hat Adam wore in the Över video.

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