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Jaysen Mercer

Jaysen Mercer commented

Hello! Got the products a couple of days ago and am VERY happy with the pledge and the result. AM Static is great, and love the white second LP in the Vinyl set. Also am enjoying the long versions!

Is it possible to order a second t-shirt? The one I was sent is a size small, and I wear size large. My wife is wearing the small, but I'd love to get a large size for myself. Any way I can get another one? Would not mind paying, if needed. Love the design!

Jaysen Mercer

Michael Prescott, Jr.

Michael Prescott, Jr. commented

Thanks 4 your help, but the link that U sent 2 me does not seem 2 work.

Michael Prescott, Jr.

Michael Prescott, Jr. commented

Did not know about your Pledge project, looks like I found out 2 L8. Would love 2 know if there was a way 4 me 2 get all extra Pledge tunes from your upd8s? I love the pledging process. Would also like the Pledge exclusive versions of your albums. Any way of helping a fan?

Andrea Bellomo

Andrea Bellomo commented

Hi. How can I gain access to the Fdeluxe downloads?


Luke commented

Hi Andrea, did you pledge on this project?

Andrea Bellomo

Andrea Bellomo commented

Hi. No. I learned about the project after the pledging was closed.


Luke commented

Unfortunately we cannot accept orders once a campaign is closed, but you will still be able to purchase directly -

Derrick Davis

Derrick Davis commented

Wow! Loving the extra Leeds on the extended Gaslight tracks. Can't wait to grab that vinyl out of the mail! AM STATIC :-) We Float? Maybe Your Baby? All By Myself??? ….. beautiful…...

christophe thiry

christophe thiry commented

Great album full of funky sound :)

I got one question: where can i get the download version of the live album? It is supposed to be included in my pledge but so far, I received no links for it.

Stay funky guys :)

Constance Lofton

Constance Lofton commented

*Brilliant* album - congratulations to all of you (and to all of us for being part of it! :-)).

Really impressed with the selection of tracks across the board as well - have to give a special nod to the inclusion of "We Float": hearing Susannah take on Polly Jean Harvey simply knocked me out and has been one of the aural highlights of the last several years. Going to be on constant rotation, this - thanks so much to all of you. Looking forward to receiving the physical package in the new year and please come back to NY soon!

PS - *LOVE* the sponsor T-shirt!! She's a beauty. :-)

Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez commented

Just listened to the album. You've outdone yourselves, guys. The production and musicianship is out of this world. Congratulations.

The only downside is that the digital release doesn't include digital booklet, that would have been the ice on the cake to a stellar release.

Now I'm looking forward to an album with new music from you.

Thank you

Joe Burkel

Joe Burkel commented

So, since I came up with the title of the covers album, do I get a credit in the liner notes :)

Paul Bellantoni

Paul Bellantoni commented

Hey guys, almost all of your updates have really low volume levels...I am missing so much of what you are saying/singing...any way to improve that?