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Michael Letcher

Michael Letcher commented

Looking forward to the new stuff. Just wanted to comment that everything about Mother E was beyond what I could hope for, especially when you complimented it with that film clip. What a piece of art, all up.

Evan Davies

Evan Davies commented

Just pledged!!! really looking forward to some quality music. Thanks Richard and Brian!

Brigham Miller

Brigham Miller commented

Have you ever thought about making an Acoustic cd for fun? maybe like an E.P or something?


Jeff commented

Guess I won’t be ordering this as every time I try it tells me my postal code is wrong. I think I know my own postal code. Hopefully this is sold elsewhere.

Joseph Krebaum

Joseph Krebaum commented

Is that song, "Just Like You Said," going to be on this new album? Because I loved it! I do like the other stuff, but that one was the best! Classic Filter.

Artist response
Richard Patrick

Richard Patrick commented

Absolutely. That song is one of my favorites. -rp

Regan R. MacLeod

Regan R. MacLeod commented

Congratulations on reaching your pledge goal!

Looking forward to this release and hoping there is a tour!

Artist response
Richard Patrick

Richard Patrick commented

We are underway!!! It’s a great record so far and I’m super happy your a part of it.

Dougas Pelletier

Dougas Pelletier commented

Just made another pledge, hope it completes your budget. You two monkeys better put out some motherf@cking good sh!t. 2313 W. North Ave.

Artist response
Richard Patrick

Richard Patrick commented

OMG Doug I miss that place every day. It was a lot for a young man to build from scratch but you did a great job. I remember being so inspired there. Soda Pop and Pony Boy loved getting in trouble there as well. Hahah remember those too??

Brian Spink

Brian Spink commented

May be premature, but was wondering if you plan on touring in the Indianapolis area. We met on the Sun Comes out tonight tour. Looked for you to come around for crazy eyes. Again sorry the turn out for the show was so low in 2013 but there was no local promo for the show, only social media. Gad you and fam are safe from all the unfortunate events in your area. Peace and well being! Cant wait to hear the new album.

mike kaniuka

mike kaniuka commented

Our local show promotion sucks too, when filter came through with coal chamber, maybe 300 people showed up to a club that holds 1500. In the months after the show i personally talked to half a dozen people that were pissed they didnt go because they didnt know about the show till just then when i told them.

Ian Navarre

Ian Navarre commented

Hey guys< I love what I'm hearing from the new record, and super geeked about a new short bus from the original duo. I was also wondering if there was going to be a remix album of the original short bus. I remember there was a remix of "under" that critter had done, but it was only featured on the video doc you guys did back in the day. Is it available anywhere in the catalog? Also loved the nickel bag remix of HMNS. Any info would be extremely helpful, thanks. Keep up the awesome work flow, and much love/ positive vibes to the thousand oaks community...

Matthias Kellmann

Matthias Kellmann commented

Is it possible to pledge by using PayPal? It was available as an option on "Crazy Eyes". I don't have a Credit Card.

Artist response

Dose commented

Unfortunately not, Pledge is not offering that as an option at this time.

Artist response
Richard Patrick

Richard Patrick commented

Thats sucks but in all honesty cards work...