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The Documentary

Make the These Animal Men & S*M*A*S*H documentary 'Flawed Is Beautiful' a reality with PledgeMusic today.


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Flawed Is Beautiful is a film about two bands – These Animal Men and S*M*A*S*H – who formed a scene swiftly dubbed by the press as the New Wave Of New Wave – the magnesium flash that, for better or worse, lit the way for Britpop.

Flawed Is Beautiful is also a story of media complicity and career hari kiri. It is about bold ideas, insatiable appetites and international travel.

The Director – Adam Foley – has completed the film, but needs this PledgeMusic campaign to make the Deluxe DVD and CD a reality.

The film has been packaged into a beautiful box set for fans and is strictly limited to 1,000 copies.

It contains:

DVD1 – the film in full, plus out-takes and commentary

DVD2 – TV performances and live shows

CD1 – S*M*A*S*H rarities including the lost ‘Rest of My Life’ EP

CD2 – These Animal Men rarities including 5 tracks recorded for the follow up to ‘Accident and Emergency’ including ’Don’t Get In My Way’

A 48 page book with notes by Adam and the band members, photography by Martyn Goodacre and the bands personal archives as well as excerpts from Petal Buzz fanzine

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Flawed Is Beautiful Documentary DVD

Flawed Is Beautiful Documentary DVD
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Flawed Is Beautiful Documentary DVD. A single DVD disc of the Flawed Is Beautiful documentary.

This disc is compatible with all NTSC, PAL and all DVD regions.

Flawed Is Beautiful Deluxe Box Set

Flawed Is Beautiful Deluxe Box Set
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The full 4-disc box set with 48 page book – strictly limited for the fans.

Price Includes P&P

Flawed Is Beautiful Deluxe Box Set - SIGNED BY BANDS

Flawed Is Beautiful Deluxe Box Set - SIGNED BY BANDS
All gone!

The full four-disc box set with 48 page book, personally signed by the bands S*M*A*S*H and These Animal Men and the director Adam Foley.

Price Includes P&P

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