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Luke commented

Hi everyone,

If you have a question about your order please use the ‘Contact Us’ option on your pledge -

Thanks for your support!


Nicholas Georgeff II

Nicholas Georgeff II commented

So I got my vinyl, and the vinyl is fine but the sleeve is pretty beat up, anyone else get a bad set?


Sabrina commented

Anyone has problem with the cd? I put it on my mac and it just eject the cd and when I tried on a pc nothing happen, same when I put it on a xbox 360 and bluray player. At first I just thought it wasn't a problem because I had the digital download, but I realized, when reading the tracklist behind the cd, that I don't have the final track : "The Wedding". I don't know if it's because I live outside the US or because of the black thing on the back of the cd but it's really annoying and I don't know what to do.

nick rainey

nick rainey commented

Any update on when the vinyl's will be shipped????

Kyle Cake Quinell

Kyle Cake Quinell commented

"The USB will contain the five live exclusive Pledger videos and the album. These will be numbered in a first edition pressing."

I'm sure pledgers wouldn't have minded waiting an extra few days whilst the USB's were actually loaded with the content rather than arriving blank. The sets aren't even numbered.

So I've paid the extra money for an unsigned, non-limited CD, with a blank branded 2GB USB...

I understand it's a hard process and you have to put a lot of time and effort in, but I feel like I've just wasted my money.

Fantastic album though.


Andrea commented

So there isn't anything actually on the USB that came with the deluxe CD, right?

william worrell

william worrell commented

You got it .Totally...BLANK!!!, Mine was the same.NICE...

Kathryn Slater

Kathryn Slater commented

Mine is blank too. I thought it was just me :(

Brian Ness

Brian Ness commented

Did the USB supposed to have anything on it? I swear they said at one point it would have exclusive videos on it or something... I don't remember.

Artist response

Anonymous commented

We thought about putting the videos on there but did not confirm and it would have caused further delay

Kathryn Slater

Kathryn Slater commented

There wasn't a "thought" about it. It was mentioned in the package that "The USB will contain the five live exclusive Pledger videos and the album. These will be numbered in a first edition pressing."

I dont normally complain about things. When I go out to eat and something isnt prepared the way I like, I eat it anyways. But this isnt that simple. I spent 50 dollars for something that should have cost 25 at the most. I've given so much to this band, even sticking through Kristen taking over. I like her. She isnt Lacey, but I like her all the same. And I dont know if the band had anything to do with this or not....but it was wrong. I would have chosen another pledge if I had known it would be empty. There were plenty of other things I had wanted. And yes, it was delayed already, I saw the c.d in stores waaay before I got my c.d, but I would rather have had what I paid for over getting it sooner.

Kathryn Slater

Kathryn Slater commented

And as a Christian, I didnt like writing that post at all. In fact, before I checked out the other responses I thought mine was faulty by accident and I was going to leave it be. But since this was intentional, I feel we are owed a better explanation than "oh it was just a thought and it would have delayed it longer". You could have announced it to everyone beforehand. You could have said you can choose another pledge, get your money back, or ask to be patient since it would take extra time...or at the very least apologize. I didn't even know until I checked mine out today. I love Flyleaf, and still will love Flyleaf. And I'll get over it. But it was a lot of money for a girl of 19 to spend on a c.d.

Maximilian Sakowski

Maximilian Sakowski commented

Just opened the packages containing the signed poster and t-shirt. But I'm missing the rest of the Deluxe Signed Bundle. Especially the CD itself and the USB Stick/other things (if I'm not mistaken) :/ Hope you can help me?

Francine Balbina

Francine Balbina commented

I had the same problem. The response I got was that there was a delay in the Deluxe CD and USB but that they would be shipping out the first week of October. Still no word yet..

Artist response

Anonymous commented

The Deluxe CD and USB shipped on 10/11

Doug Osborne

Doug Osborne commented

I ordered the deluxe version cd with the usb and received the standard cd instead. Any help?

Artist response

Anonymous commented

This shipped on 10/11

Kevin  Cook

Kevin Cook commented

Is anyone else having trouble with the download?

I tried to download the entire album a couple of times .. but it eventually times out ... so I downloaded each song ... and 4 of the songs seem to have truncated mp3's as they end in odd places