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Kristen's PledgeMusic Project!

Hey Flyleaf Fam!

We know it has been a bit since since we ran our campaign here on PledgeMusic, but we wanted to give you guys a quick heads up that Kristen May is running her very own PledgeMusic campaign for the release of her side project! It just went live, and some of you have already shown your crazy support by Pledging, but for those of you who haven’t heard the news, you can check out her campaign here:

Just as we did here, Kristen will be posting regular updates on the making of her album, offering sneak previews, glimpses behind the scenes, and a whole lot more. So head to her page now, and get in on the action!

There’s more exciting plans to come with Flyleaf in 2016, so stay tuned on our socials to get the latest!

Thank you #FlyleafFamily for all your generous support! You rock!

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