Done and dusted!!

Well Jason and Brian are off to the post office right now to post the last of the 7 inches!! On behalf of the band we’d like to say a big THANKYOU to everyone for helping us do this. Hopefully your vinyl will arrive safe and sound. If there are any dramas thanks to over zealous postal workers please get in touch with us on the Facebook or via FrancisWolves@gmail.com and we’ll sort things out. For Chubz and Alanjohn – we’re getting together to start work on your covers next week! Hercules by Aaron Neville and Pashcendale by Iron Maiden. Two very different tunes!

We’re going to add you all to our mailing list but if 1 or 2 emails a year frightens you – make sure you unsubscribe. We’ll let you know when our album is finished and ready for release. Should be sometime this summer (or winter for those on the other side of the world!).

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The Francis Wolves.

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The end of the campaign!

In the words of Clay Davis “Sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiitttttt”

We did it! Thanks for everyone’s support! We’ve only had the vinyl in our hands for about a week and have already sold 70 of them. Could not have done it without you. We just wanted to let you know that we will be shipping all the goodies this week. Make sure you take a photo of it on your turntable or on your shelf looking hot. Tag us so we can see!!!

Special kudos to AJ Jones and Chubz for chipping in and challenging us to record a cover of your choice. We’re working on those now so in the next few weeks we will post them all over the interwebs with a personal message for you!!

To celebrate the success of this campaign we would like to show you a very, very special Instructional video.

Grab yer guitar…keep on pluckin.


The Francis Wolves.


After a fair amount of RSI we’ve managed to package most of the vinyl to be sent all over Australia and the World following our launch this Saturday night. Here’s a cheeky little video of our packaging methods :)

AccessPass Update


Turns out it was today. Thank you umpire, thank you ball boys. Guess you know now that we met our goal! There’s still about 10 days left of the campaign so don’t think we’re just gonna grab the pi...
AccessPass Update


Arrrggghh!!! 99% reached. That’s what the email from Pledge Music just said. It’s a bit like trying to get on the roller coaster at Dreamworld when you’re 11…and short. Or was it the log ride? We d...
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