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"Puppet Strings" On Vinyl

"Puppet Strings" is being pressed on vinyl + we wanted to get it to you FIRST along with some other goodies!


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The record Puppet Strings is no doubt a departure from what Fuel has been in the past.

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee surrounded by cotton fields and soybeans. Luckily, I was also surrounded by the sounds of Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, all of the great blues and rock and roll coming out of Memphis, as well as the country music just a few hours away in Nashville.

When writing this record I tried to think about my life growing up in that area and what all of the great performers of that time were doing musically. You can find many of those elements in this record along with a little bit of punk rock as well as some of what you might consider the classic Fuel sound…..

I’m so excited to be working with Pledge Music to offer not only the new Fuel record, Puppet Strings, on CD and as a download but to also give you as fans the opportunity to own a limited edition vinyl copy of the record! Any old school music fan knows that the best way to listen to music is on the warm sound of vinyl. I grew up listening to music this way and there is nothing better than hearing the needle hit the record. I’m honored to have this record printed in such a format and I advise you as fans to jump at this chance while it last!

Brett Scallions


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AccessPass: Puppet Strings

Puppet Strings

Get our new studio album, “Puppet Strings” + access to behind the scenes content directly from the band.

Signed CD + Guitar Pick

Signed CD + Guitar Pick
4 left

The new CD signed with a guitar pick.

Includes a downed of “Puppet Strings.”

"Puppet Strings" 180g Black Vinyl

"Puppet Strings" 180g Black Vinyl

Get our new album “Puppet Strings” printed on 180 gram vinyl + a digital download of the album.

Exclusive "Puppet Strings" T-Shirt (+ download)


New design just for pledgers + a digital download.

Signed Artwork Poster

Signed Artwork Poster
24 left

Poster featuring new artwork from the new album, “Puppet Strings”. Signed. 11×17″ full-color print.

Signed 180g Black Vinyl

Signed 180g Black Vinyl
37 left

The new record on warm-sounding 180 gram vinyl and signed + a digital download.

BUNDLE: Signed Poster + Signed Vinyl

69 left

The new artwork print signed by the band and the signed black vinyl.

Lyrics in a Bottle

1 left

The song of your choosing, written out by hand by Brett Scallions, and placed in a bottle of Jameson.

Signed Snare Drum Head

Signed Snare Drum Head
6 left

Used snare drum head and signed by everyone + a digital download.

Vinyl Test Pressing [Signed]

Vinyl Test Pressing [Signed]
4 left

Get a vinyl test pressing of the record. Hot off the press. Signed by the band.

Backstage + VIP "Meet-n-Greet"

Backstage + VIP "Meet-n-Greet"
114 left

You and a friend can come to sound check, the show and hang backstage. PLUS receive some signed merch. Visit for venues and time. Venue restrictions may apply.

Custom Artwork Kick Drum Head [Signed]

2 left

Right off the touring kit and over to you. Signed by the band.

Sing 'Yeah' Onstage VIP Experience


4 people at every show have the opportunity to get onstage and sing the ‘Yeah’ chorus with us. Includes VIP access, meet & Greet & vinyl!

Signed Guitar

1 left

Fresh out of the studio, get a signed Gibson guitar used on the new album.

Songwriting Session With Brett

2 left

Sit with Brett for an afternoon and work on songwriting.

Acoustic House Concert

1 left

Your place. You pick the songs for an acoustic evening of music. We’ll bring some super swag for the whole joint.

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