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"Situations" - solo album by Gazz Marlow (of InMe)... pledge to preorder and gain exclusive content & bonus items!

In the studio again

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Quite a lot of people know me as guitarist of UK rockers InMe already, but this campaign is all about my solo album. I’ve been writing songs for over 15 years and I want them to see the light of day!

The aim of this Pledge project is to really set me up as a solo artist. Proceeds raised will initially fund the album itself, followed by video, merch, and PR. Everything is getting reinvested so that I can get on with what I love doing, which is going out and playing to you guys :)

I’m giving a proportion of the album proceeds back to The Sussex Cancer Fund, the charity connected to the hospital I trained as a Radiotherapist in before I went full-time with music.

5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Sussex Cancer Fund.


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AccessPass: Situations


Situations explores a number of themes in life, ranging from love to infidelity, friendship to mortality.

"Situations - Unplugged" - solo acoustic digital album


Stripped down to the very basics, just like how the songs were written, I’ll be recording this organic version of the album with all the songs performed live.

Handwritten lyric sheet

22 left

In my charming, child-like scrawl, I will write out the lyrics to one of my songs (you choose) in my neatest possible handwriting, and sign it too. I’ll attempt some drawing as well as I am terrible.

Situations signed CD album


The album on CD, complete with the lovely artwork and credits. Ideal for cars and hifis – or as a gift!

T Shirt - dark

13 left

Gazz Marlow artwork on a dark T shirt

T Shirt - light

17 left

Gazz Marlow artwork on a light T shirt

Songwriters Q&A session + performance

18 left

Really get down to the nitty gritty of the songs. Come to this exclusive performance in Brighton, I’ll perform songs & you, the audience can interrogate me about the stories behind them and the music!

Personalised video performance of one of my songs


Choose your favourite song from the album, and I’ll record a video of me performing it and send it direct to you with high quality sound and image, with you dedicated and thanked in the video.

Both T Shirts

20 left

A design to match your mood!

Album artwork on canvas print


The beautiful artwork for Situations, on a vivid full colour square canvas print to hang on your wall

Cover song of your choice


You pick the song, I learn and record it for you solo acoustic. It could be your band, or a famous band. I will however reserve the right to decline stupid ones! Happy choosing…

One-of-a-kind "Situations" photo album

9 left

Situations is an album about life, and this is a snapshot of my life that is exclusive to YOU. I document a day in my life, all the photos are signed & you get the film. No one else sees the photos.

Come to the studio for a day during album recording

4 left

Become more involved than anyone in “Situations”. Be in the room when the album is recorded! See it all come together from the ground up…. an exclusive opportunity. Details TBC but likely to be in the Essex area in early 2013

Personalised song


Give me a brief for the concept, or complete lyrics, and I’ll turn it into a song just for you

Own the ORIGINAL artwork for the album - absolute one-off!

Own the ORIGINAL artwork for the album - absolute one-off!
All gone!

The original fantastic colour sketch by Cain Wheale. One of the most exclusive Pledges imaginable. Own the picture on all the albums!

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