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Dave Lemire

Dave Lemire commented


Max Chen

Max Chen commented

Generation AXE: The guitarists that destroyed the loyalty and trust of fans

stephen blundell

stephen blundell commented

Talk is cheap,let's see some action.Is this Benji Rogers still on the scene or has he given up the ghost?Did you know it was a sinking ship Mr Rogers when you got shut?If someone takes funds out of a company (not you Mr Rogers) usually they go to jail,so is this the news we are waiting for?It's never anybody's fault and things just go round in circles.What a fool I am to have entrusted my hard earned money to uneducated fools that have stolen from me.Prove me wrong,doubt you will though.Whatever happened to trust, decency and accountability?

Timothy B Romine

Timothy B Romine commented

i was just wondering if the several thousand dollar guitars that where sold ever honored? I know they were selling steve zakk nuno yngwie signeed guitars that weren't cheap. Anybody have that info?

Neil Gorny

Neil Gorny commented

I bought a Nuno guitar and got stung an additional $500 international shipping in December. They must've known they were in trouble and still contacted me for more money. That's a low punch so someone had better sort this out. The guitar must still be sitting in their warehouse if the signing photo is to be believed.

Artist response

jb commented

Neil, pledge did not have the proper postage calculated, so there was a delay in shipping- then pledge went under before your guitar was shipped- we will get this guitar to you in Cardiff in the next 4 weeks -

Jacques Engler

Jacques Engler commented

And my signed cd and signed vynil ???

Cöl Bröwn

Cöl Bröwn commented

Wow an actual response from the "artist". Shame they ignore everyone else.

Timothy B Romine

Timothy B Romine commented

i paid 50 for a shirt. I'm going to have to rebuy the cd when it comes out on amazon. You guys duped alot of people. Pretty sad that people have to stoop to that level to make a living.

Haruhiko Ohtani

Haruhiko Ohtani commented

Generation Axe is a fraud,

They sold a product through Pledge Music.

If the money that made a reservation is not paid by Pledge Music, Generation Axe should regain it from Pledge Music.

It is not only Pledge Music to have taken the money of the subscriber.

Generation Axe is the same as Pledge Music, too.

They are frauds.


todd commented

I have this one , Matthew Sweet, Insane Clown Posse , Toby Lee all out there . Past 90 days . Not holding my breath , but definitely realized the lesson learned. Only buy directly from artists website or at a concert. Maybe the occasional amazon exclusive. Pledge music screwed the artists and the fans . It went great in the beginning, then the original guy that started it all left . Next guy got greedy . Nobody wins

Andrew Tuck

Andrew Tuck commented

Both this and Steve Vai Jamathon pledges are F*&king useless. My last successful Pledge was Paul Gilbert's album. He was a total star and gave weekly updates, unique content and I got all the stuff I paid for. Both this and Steve's show no respect for the fans, limited updates and now no goods. Whilst I get the fact it's Pledge that have screwed things up I would expect someone Steve's standing to at least give an update (o at east to have contributed material to update fans on during the campaign). They need to remember they are only successful because they have fans like us...I still can't believe that it is possible to still buy stuff through the store. In real terms they are committing theft and the artists by not saying anything are contributing to this deception.

Matthew L. Heath

Matthew L. Heath commented

Paul Gilbert's album and his updates was the best i've ever experienced on here! He's a great man !!

carlos carter

carlos carter commented

I have had it at this point. You hear they are putting the record out in June is a slap in the face. We want our products or our money back. Take ownership of this and do what's right. As far as the band I am disappointed in all of them. All of this is going on, and you say or do nothing to WTF. I EXPECT EACH AND EVERYONE WHO PLEDGED TO RECEIVE A COPY OF THIS ALBUM. You have our names to make it right. I think we all should post on generation axe IG, Twitter, and Facebook and request it.

mark gunter

mark gunter commented

Alrwady done and their social media. No joy