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Jim Hoekstra

Jim Hoekstra commented

I bought a signed lp back when this pledge first started it was for $50 plus shipping total came to 58.63 that was back in October. I paid that amount and now today I check my account on the pledge page and there is a line going through my payment saying $0 as if I didn't pay and this was cancelled. I have no idea what is going on with this pledge my first time I ever had a problem using this site. I have to call my cc company and fight this payment. I wish pledge would tell us what is going on. Sadly I don't want to do any more pledges by any artist after this experience.

Marc Sarchet

Marc Sarchet commented

Interesting as mine still shows what I paid with shipping for a signed CD. Total mess without any doubt.

Tracii Kunkel

Tracii Kunkel commented

They have removed the option to cancel for refund. I've sent a request but not expecting it will be honored. I waited too long, holding out hope that someone would do the right thing. My bad.

Marc Sarchet

Marc Sarchet commented

From what I gather no one is getting the refunds anyway. If they cannot pay the artist they certainly do not have the money to refund any of us.

Marc Sarchet

Marc Sarchet commented

I have 3 outstanding Pledges. The difference between those two and these is that the musicians have actually interacted with us and let us know what is going on. Also through the goodness of their hearts they are paying for the items ordered on their own $/£ and I will get my items. With that being said Pledge owes these folks the money that was intended for them to record the music. We as fans need to continue to lobby as able for them to meet this obligation.

This particular Pledge appears to be run by representatives or management for the artists which is why we have gotten little no information and no updates on the Pledge situation as pertains to them. That in itself is a problem. I have done 39 Pledges over the years and had one other one like this and it was a nightmare.

Honestly I don't think we will ever see any of the items on this Pledge regardless if Pledge fixes their financial issues or not. I am not sure how much the actual musicians even know about this particular Pledge page. Lets put it this way I do not expect any items to come my way.

As a whole my experiences on Pledge until recently have been really good. Bottom line they are responsible for this mess. I only hope for the sake of everyone they can figure this out.

Blair Thompson

Blair Thompson commented

Regardless of who was running the pledge, the artists have been made aware of the situation through their own social media and could let us know where they stand and what is happening as they see it. Again, that is how you build and keep your fan base.

stephen blundell

stephen blundell commented

Our money should be going to the pledge that we paid for initially,not to prop up other pledges.Hell you've even been making interest on our money.Just who is responsible for this mess.How long have you known about this?Have you still been taking peoples hard earned money knowing they wouldn't receive anything back.

Justin Moore

Justin Moore commented

Hey Generation Axe!
Should I be concerned? Should I take back my money if even possible at this point? Have I been robbed?
I just want to know what’s going on! No updates from any of you on this page or any of your Facebook pages! People even asking on your Facebook pages and still no response!
Are you guys actually being shady on purpose or scared that you have no answers or what? I can’t imagine all of you guys not caring about your fans and I know all of you do since I’ve met and seen almost all of you and seen how you treat you fans in public!
At this time I’ve been out over $100 for a very long time through your campaign that your leader has sold us like the good sales man that he is! And you back this kind of treatment to your fans? Who pay your bills, give you the life your lucky to have? Is that not what we do?

Matthew L. Heath

Matthew L. Heath commented

This is just a huge slap in the face to us fans. There is absolutely no reason at all why NONE of the 5 guitar players involved cannot be saying something to us at all.

Our orders are more than 2 months late now and we have gotten no real answers as to what in the hell is going on here. I have lost ALL respect for ALL 5 of these guitar players that i thought were "guitar gods" (well 4 of the 5....i could care less about the kid in this group). I will never do another pledge that any of these guitar players do in the future....that is if there is a pledge in the future. I don't think i can trust this whole platform anymore either.

Steven Sailer

Steven Sailer commented

Did you get paid by PledgeMusic? Please tell us if we will be receiving the merch we ordered or not! I've had to cancel 9 orders, because artists haven't been paid. Tell us if we need to cancel this one too!

Haruhiko Ohtani

Haruhiko Ohtani commented

There is no answer even if I ask a question. There is no repayment even if I cancel it

Ross McLeod

Ross McLeod commented

With all the PledgeMusic BS going on can we get some kind of statement/update please?

stephen blundell

stephen blundell commented

Have the people that bought the signed guitars got them,God I hope so after shelling out all that money

Rob Mellin

Rob Mellin commented

So I paid $58.63 for a signed vinyl double LP August 10th 2018. I see the amount paid on my bank statement and payment confirmed in an email from PledgeMusic. But now here on Pledge it says the payment wasn't processed and I paid $0. This is a completely crazy and a sham! I also have 3 other pledges that are unfulfilled. All these were bank drafts, and not on paypal or a creditcard. Am I screwed??

Mark Gouldthorpe

Mark Gouldthorpe commented

If artists were paid you should still get your stuff, if not as in the Queensryche case, you are at the mercy of Pledge to refund.

Rob Mellin

Rob Mellin commented

Thanks Mark. I have had 9 or 10 successfully received Pledges in the past. Hope this works out better than it seems to be for a lot of artists.

Ference Berta

Ference Berta commented

Asked for refund from my bank! This pledge will not be honoured. Bands are pulling the plug on orders. Disgusted at pledge and generation axe for not being honest! Won’t be using these anymore! “TRUST GONE!”