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To all of our fans who have contributed to the PledgeMusic Campaign for Generation Axe, first, we apologize for the delay in communicating as we have been diligently working to try and resolve the issues PledgeMusic has as it pertains to the campaign and other campaigns they are involved with so we can deliver to the fans what they are owed. As you are aware, PledgeMusic has issued the following statement, which reads, in part:

“The situation that PledgeMusic has found itself in is unacceptable and to all of the artists, managers, labels and fans who have put their trust in us, we are deeply sorry. All of us at the company are working around the clock to address everybody’s concerns and are hopeful of reaching a positive resolution soon.”

We have attempted many, many times to resolve this problem as we also are due monies. By Law, Pledge has to keep any monies received by Pledgers in an escrow account, but after many attempts we have not been able to confirm this. After several months of attempts, we have no communication or information that indicates this will be resolved. PledgeMusic has maintained they are in discussions with interested parties about a potential sponsorship with or acquisition of PledgeMusic, with the ultimate goal for that to happen so that they could meet all of their outstanding obligations for the Generation Axe campaign and the campaigns of many other artists that are currently hanging in the balance. However, we don’t know if this will happen and if it does, when that would be. We are just as upset as you — the fans — are about this. The very last thing we want is to be a part of a situation whereby not just Generation Axe, but our fans are taken advantage of. This is simply wrong. We are actively working on trying to figure out a solution. We thank you for your patience while we do so.

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Signing items!

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CDs shipping soon!

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Last call for test pressings!

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Nuno signing guitars!

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