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Album #1 flying freeee with your help!

Pledge to support the release of 'Feathers', my first Album... With your help we can set this little bird freeee!!


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A few years ago, or about half my life-time ago, I fell in love with music, with writing it, playing it and performing it. In the process I released music with different projects, and my first ’Gitta’s solo’ EP in 2015, but now…… finally…….. It’s taken me a while…. but it’s done!! ‘Feathers’, my debut Album, is actually fully finished and waiting to be set freeeee! Release will be on the 21st of September but in order for me to be able to get it out there I will need all the support I can get! I hope you want to be part of this and I will be forever grateful as I am so aware that I cannot do this all without you, the fans, you mean the world to me!! You mean the world to all artists out there. Pledge makes this divide between artists and fans so much smaller, and I love it. It opens doors and enables artists to release what they love as they can stay in control of their own creative process….. Thank you for finding out my Pledge page, and for supporting music!! x Gitta

PS. in case you’d like to know: Monies are needed to pay for the Mixing and Mastering (Already done…. monies waiting to be paid…. oh oh…) Pressing and PR.

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AccessPass: 'Feathers' full Album Download

'Feathers' full Album Download

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Album (for real.. you can touch it!!)

Album (for real.. you can touch it!!)

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