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Aude Boutillon

Aude Boutillon commented


Any update about the vinyl ?

Thanks a lot!


Luke commented

Hi everyone,

If you have a question about your order please use the ‘Contact Us’ option on your pledge -

Thanks for your support!


Mark White

Mark White commented

Hi guys, can we have an update on when signed CDs are likely to be sent/received in UK. Cheers!

Artist response

Goblin commented

Hi Mark,
As already announced, signed items will start shipping from Canada from May 18. Actually May 19 since 18 is Holiday in Canada and couriers do not pickup. Average delivery time for Europe is 8 to 12 days. No tracking available. So most likely you will receive your package anound the end on May.

Esteban Medaglia

Esteban Medaglia commented

Hi folks. Any chance somebody could answer my question below? Thanks!

Esteban Medaglia

Esteban Medaglia commented

Glad to hear the albums and the rest of the perks will start shipping soon! How do we provide you with our mailing address and personal information? Also, for those who chose the package that included the hi-res USB stick, any chance we could get a download link of the 24-96 files?

Ulf Ritgen

Ulf Ritgen commented

Dear Goblin, who are an integral part of my life ever since I discovered your music in the very early eighties,

thank you VERY MUCH for giving me/us new sounds to enjoy!

Cassidy Liu

Cassidy Liu commented

What formats (MP3, FLAC, etc.) will the digital download be made available in?

Jason Stack

Jason Stack commented

Is there any chance the shirts could be offered in 2x or 3x?

Christopher Kingdom

Christopher Kingdom commented

Just wanted to say I hope this goes ahead still - excited for a new album!

terry hunt

terry hunt commented

What happens if the goal isn't met?