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New EP

Pre-order the new EP from Grace Savage and your life will be better/there are some cool things you can get in return :)


of goal


I’m releasing my first ever EP!!!! As you can tell from the excessive use of exclamation marks…this is a pretty bloody exciting/scary thing for me, especially as an independent artist – i’m relying purely on the support of you lovely lot to make this all happen :)

I have been tucked away in the studio working on my debut EP with the incredible producer that is Dee Adam and I am beyond excited to share some of my original material with you. You guys will be the first to hear it before ANYONE else exclusively through pledge music.

In return for your generosity and lovliness you can get lots of nice things from me; including skype beatbox lessons, handwritten lyric sheets (if I can remember how to use a pen), private gigs in your own home (I make a good cup of tea too) or if you’re feeling REALLY radical (and rich), your very own initials tattooed somewhere on my body. For reals.

A couple of things you might not know about me:

1) I am officially a 2 x UK Beatbox Champion

2) I was recently listed as one of Elle UK Magazines ‘Top 100 inspiring women’

3) I have just made my SBTV debut with my cover of BANKS ‘Waiting Game’ which you can watch here:

So, I’ve been developing my sound in the studio and rehearsing with my band for the last two years and I’m finally ready to make some proper noise and I would love for you to share this part of the journey with me.

If you are into the sound of all that then pledge away my pretties!

Peace. Love. Beats.



‘Extraordinary oral effects’ (Telegraph)

‘The plosive bandishments of Grace Savage…you’ll rub your eyes in disbelief’ (Independent)

‘Staggering Beatboxing’ (The Metro)

‘Grace Savage’s extraordinary expertise in beatboxing…mesmerising’ (The Guardian)

‘Grace Savage Beatboxes with Jaw-dropping power’ (London Evening Standard)

‘Savage’s beatboxing is fabulous’ (The Guardian)

‘Incredible vocal gymnastics and great songs’ (backstagepass)

‘Fantastic beats and sounds while singing beautifully…a girl turning into optimus prime before your eyes and ears is something to behold’ (

‘The first track was sensational and the power she demonstrated not to forget the melodic beauty, quite sensational’ (ringmaster review)


‘Rita Ora had to compete with brilliant sets from Grace Savage and Katy B’ (pop scoop)

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Mind.

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AccessPass: New EP as digital download

New EP as digital download

Digital download of my EP

Cover CD


My covers CD including ‘Spell on You’ Screaming Jay Hawkins, ‘What I might do’ Ben Pearce, ‘Waiting game’ BANKS and ‘Beatbox freestyle’

New EP on CD

189 left

I will personally post you my EP as a CD

Signed CD

17 left

The new CD. Signed by MOI xxx

EP on CD and Cover CD

All gone!

A copy of my EP on CD plus my covers CD including ‘Spell on You’ Screaming Jay Hawkins, ‘What I might do’ Ben Pearce, ‘Waiting game’ BANKS and ‘Beatbox freestyle’

20 Questions


Submit 20 questions for me to answer via email. Don’t hold back!

New EP on CD + Personal Shoutout on Social Media


- New EP on CD posted by yours truly
- A personal Thank you from me on Twitter and Facebook and a shoutout/personalised instagram freestyle

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

17 left

The song of your choosing, written out by hand in a very special way. (I apologise in advance for my childish handwriting….it’s charming thought right?)

Phone Call


Let’s chat for a few on the phone. Music, politics, the new EP…

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD

16 left

You’ll be part of the new EP…literally! With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the EP’s liner notes plus a copy of the CD signed by me. Oooooh you Lucky Bugger.

Skype Lesson

9 left

Let’s get together on Skype and I’ll teach you the basics of beatboxing or if you are already a beatboxer we can have a Jam/share techniques! 30 min.

3 Skype Beatbox Lesson

5 left

3 × 30 minute Beatbox Lessons on Skype

Beatbox Workshop

2 left

I will teach an hour long Beatbox Lesson for you and your friends or I can come to your school and teach your whole class – just ask your teacher for the school to pledge on your behalf

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